Stunning Greenwald report exposing our Soviet-level press


The corrupt corporate media and Democrats lied about the Hunter laptop and we now know it was a serious assault on our democracy.


On October 14, 2020, just before the election, The New York Post, New York’s oldest paper, revealed documents from Hunter’s laptop which showed the Biden family was compromised. The laptop showed Joe Biden abused his role to help his son. Biden was meeting with sketchy Ukraine company — Burisma — executives as a favor to Hunter who was then paid by them.

On October 15, Hunter tried to cash in big with a CCP firm. Hunter and his brother pursued deals in China that included Joe Biden’s influence. Most important was the email outlining the terms with references to Joe Biden receiving 10%.


This was all authenticated, but the media and social media insisted the documents were fake. They did not investigate and buried the stories. They repeated an outright lie from the FBI and CIA.

Natasha Bertrand was one of the worst liars falsely claiming the Hunter story is Russian disinformation. She was rewarded for her lies with better jobs. She is at the Atlantic and is a commentator at CNN.

A deceiving letter from intel officials said they didn’t know if the laptop story was false and they had no evidence it was Russian disinformation. Meanwhile, the evidence all pointed to the laptop as accurate.

Facebook censored The NY Post in the weeks up to the election. The person who announced the censorship, Andy Stone, is a Democrat operative who spent his life in servitude to the Democrat Party.

Twitter went further. They banned the story and any links or discussion of the NY Post story. They also blocked The NY Post from even using their Twitter account.

Greenwald said he doesn’t think people realize how pernicious and insidious the corruption is. He said a new book by Ben Shreckinger titled The Bidens proves definitively the story was accurate. The big lies shaped so much of what went on during the election.

The author authenticated the documents from the 14th and 15th. He authenticated the emails over and over.

Glenn Greenwald does a great job of summarizing what was exposed and how it was authenticated.

The corporate media relentlessly schemed and manipulated to keep Donald Trump from winning.

It was a close election.

The Lies

Greenwald gave a few examples from the book.

Christiane Amanpour wouldn’t discuss it on October 22, 2020, and said she’s a journalist who follows the facts. There’s never been any issues of corruption with the Bidens, she claimed. She’s no reporter.

During one interview, she said it’s not her job to find out if the information that raises serious ethical questions about the potential future president is true.

On October 26, 2020, Lesley Stahl wouldn’t talk about it, falsely claiming the laptop can’t be verified.

Wolf Blitzer on October 16, 2020, said that it might be part of a massive Russian campaign.  His propagandist senior correspondent told Blitzer they know it is a Russian campaign and Rudy Giuliani had contact with an agent for the Kremlin. He went on with a number of other lies.

NPR’s managing editor on October 22nd said he wouldn’t waste readers’ time with it. It’s “just pure distractions.”

Greenwald is not sure if they are stupid or lying.

The reporters didn’t  want their readers to know about the story. As they had no information it was false, they were claiming it’s false.

There is much more and very worth the time. Our media is not media. They are Soviet-style propagandists.

Watch ( you can skip to 24:00 if you don’t need the background information):

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2 years ago
Alinsky Works For Us Now
Alinsky Works For Us Now
2 years ago

The enemedia Bolsheviks have reached the thorough limit of complete and total worthlessness.
Say a great meme stating, the people (press) who blamed everything on Trump are now not blaming Beijing Biden for anything!
They are Long March fellow traveler CCP RAT POS traitor slime who should be shunned and isolated.

2 years ago

Maybe we should look at trying Newspaper and Social Media Executives for Treason too? It’s now clear, that they were accomplices to the Democrats who Stole the 2020 Election and the mostly bloodless Coup.