Rep Zeldin calls for Schiff’s immediate censure & resignation from House intel


Lee Zeldin demanded that Rep. Adam Schiff be stripped of his post as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. This comes after the 50 transcripts were released which showed no one had any evidence President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. Also ignored is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s dossier was done in collusion with the Kremlin and they knew it.

Zeldin called for Schiff’s resignation because of his role in the Russia investigation.

“Adam Schiff should not be the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. His gavel should be removed. He should be censured. He should resign,” Zeldin said Monday on Fox News. “There’s a lot that should happen, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to punish Adam Schiff. In fact, that’s the reason why he has the gavel in the first place.”

“He’s the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, which became the House Impeachment Committee because of the way he writes these fairy-tale parodies,” Zeldin said.

The Republican from New York suggested that Schiff and Democrats who impeached Trump and tried to remove him from office were aided by friends in the media.

“It’s actually one that the Democrats reward. It’s one that the media rewards,” Zeldin said. “So, I’m not going to expect any repercussions even though he should resign today.”

There is no doubt the media helped, but is it just help? Or are they deciding and directing the Democrats?

Why aren’t all the Republicans screaming the way the Democrats did to get a special counsel in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax?



The recently released transcripts show that Obama officials testified there was no evidence of Russia collusion with the Trump team despite what those same officials were saying publicly, claiming there was.

They also exposed Schiff for the contemptible fraud that he is, showing once again his repeated claim that he knew of evidence of collusion was false. It explains Schiff’s panic and why he didn’t want them out.

Congressman Trey Gowdy now admits it was a mistake to defend the FBI during the Russia investigation. He’s useless.

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