Rep. Zeldin Reminds Bashers Obama Didn’t Even Get a Signature on Iran Deal


Sen. Bob Menendez maligned President Trump’s historic partnership agreement reached with North Korea on Monday. The left is out of control. They cannot let President Trump win but Rep. Zeldin reminded them that Obama didn’t even get a signature on his ‘deal’.

Trump also didn’t give North Korea billions of dollars.

As Rep. Zeldin said, Iran never even signed the ‘deal. This was a first meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un and he agreed to complete denuclearization of the Peninsula. That’s “pretty good” for a first meeting.

On the other hand, the Iran deal has a sunset clause, no U.S. inspectors inspecting Iran, and Iran’s other bad behaviors [ICBMS for one] were ignored.

Bill Clinton made many mistakes in the 1990s when he dealt with North Korea. What president has done better?

The media is criticizing the lack of verification and the President shaking hands with a dictator.

Rep. Zeldin said the President gets criticized when he’s not diplomatic and when he’s too diplomatic. He can’t do anything right. The President is trying to get the leader to agree to complete denuclearization. He came across very presidential and was well-prepared.

As far as verification, we’ve learned our lesson from Iran and U.S.inspectors must be allowed into North Korea.


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