Report: Atlantic hit piece was concocted with Biden campaign surrogate


Glenn Greenwald, a left-wing journalist, states that the AP and Fox, claiming to have confirmation of the Atlantic hit piece against Trump, have nothing like confirmation.

Greenwald wrote: “But whatever happened, neither AP nor Fox obtained anything resembling “confirmation.” They just heard the same assertions that Goldberg heard, likely from the same circles if not the same people, and are now abusing the term “confirmation” to mean “unproven assertions” or “unverifiable claims” (indeed, Fox now says that “two sources who were on the trip in question with Trump refuted the main thesis of The Atlantic’s reporting”).”

Paul Sperry writes that the socialist author who hates Trump, Jeffrey Goldberg, put the story together with a Joe Biden campaign surrogate. Interestingly, Goldberg’s wife is tied to Hillary Clinton.

Goldberg the Socialist

Paul Sperry writes that the author of the Atlantic hit piece claiming Trump called our military “suckers and losers” is a socialist. His parents were socialists who sent him to socialist camps in the Catskills. The Militarist Monitor claims he went to a Zionist Socialist camp.

He later worked for a socialist newspaper in New York, Sperry says. Sperry is likely talking about the Forward.

Obviously, as a socialist, he would be vehemently opposed to everything Trump is trying to do.

Did Biden’s Campaign Set This Up?  The GOP Suspects It’s the Case

Jeffrey Goldberg worked with Biden campaign surrogate Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Penn.) on The Atlantic hit piece about Trump, according to Sperry. He hasn’t presented the evidence.

Federal election records show Goldberg’s sole recorded political contribution was a $250 donation to Lamb’s 2018 congressional campaign.

Lamb himself can’t get enough of Biden. There are slews of photos with Lamb and Biden campaigning. He’s a campaign surrogate for Joe Biden.

According to reporter Sperry, Goldberg’s wife worked as a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton and donated the maximum dollar amount to Hillary’s 2016 campaign. She also gave $1,000 to Biden in March.

For this reason, Republicans suspect the story was planted by the Biden campaign. Biden used The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg pal Rep Conor Lamb (D-PA, Marine major) to amplify the story. The goal is to blunt military absentee ballots for Trump.

Goldberg’s also a biased war hawk:

Goldberg’s story is easily debunked:

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