Condescending Fox News reporter gets put in his place


During a Labor Day press conference, Fox News reporter David Spunt asked the President in a very aggressive manner why he doesn’t set up a meeting at the White House with Democrats to discuss a stimulus.

Spunt started out, “Sir, you talked a lot about the economy and touted the economy. Three weeks ago in Bedminster, I asked you specifically why you have not called Democratic leadership to the White House to meet with them. If they don’t want to meet, it’s on them. A lot of people are criticizing you. I cover you on the weekends and stuff…”

Spunt pressed, “Why have you not met with them in person? I mean we’re in September. There’s no deal, there’s no hope of a deal. We’re two months out from the election…”

Potus asked him why he says it’s hopeless, “you don’t know anything.”

President Trump explained that the Democrats won’t make a deal that’s good for the economy because it might help him in the election.

The deal they would make, POTUS said, depends on him bailing out Democrat-run cities with trillions of dollars.

He said, “They want a trillion dollars to bail out badly run Democrat cities and states, whether it’s New York or Illinois or others, they want to bail them out. And we’re saying well we’re not going to pay that kind of a price in order to bail out the cities. We’ll do something to help cities but that’s gonna have to rest on its own.”

Spunt asked, “Mr. President, shouldn’t you take the high road sir? ”

To which the President responded, “I am taking the high road. I’m taking the high road by not seeing them. That’s the high road. And if I thought it would make a difference I’d do it in a minute.”

It was a contentious exchange. Somewhere along the line, FOX got the word to be obnoxious and CNN-like with the President.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer cared about the economy, they wouldn’t try to run up the national debt by another three trillion to help their blue cities. They demand Trump bail out mismanaged cities instead of concentrating on direct payments for the suffering Americans.

If the President loses, they will spend the trillions bailing out failed cities while the nation goes under. We now owe more than we’re worth as a nation.

Spunt tried to put himself above the President in asking questions and, as the President said, “What do you know [Spunt]?”

He’s right, if Spunt can ask why the President isn’t making a deal with Pelosi and Schumer, he truly does know nothing.


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