President won’t fund schools teaching the ‘1619 project’


President Trump will hold funding back from schools teaching Nikole Hannah-Jones’ alternative U.S. history – hopefully.  Her version of history, the 1619 Project, basically denies the U.S. was founded in 1776 on the belief that all men are created equal and have the inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

She says, without evidence, that the U.S. was founded in 1619 with the alleged arrival of the first black slave. Jones claims the U.S. was founded on slavery and our capitalist system — all our systems — are irrevocably built on slavery.

Historians and political scientists have panned it for its many factual errors.

WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, Jones claims the American Revolution wasn’t fought for freedom. According to her, it was fought to preserve slavery. In truth, the opposite is true. It was the first grand effort to reject slavery as an institution.

“Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday. It was in response to a post that said California has “implemented the 1619 project into the public schools,” and that “soon you won’t recognize [A]merica.”


California’s Department of Education came up with a draft model last month to include some of the project in history classes. It is a very radical curriculum that drowns students in leftist ideology – one that hates the USA.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) also addressed the issue. he introduced a bill in July that proposes denying funds to a school that uses the 1619 Project.

Schools in places like Washington D.C. and Chicago have modified their curriculum to include the project.


Controversy erupted earlier this year when a professor at Northwestern University who helped fact-check the project said that she alerted Hannah-Jones about inaccuracies contained in the project but got no response.

“On August 19 of last year I listened in stunned silence as Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter for the New York Times, repeated an idea that I had vigorously argued against,” wrote professor Leslie Harris in Politico. Harris also said she “vigorously disputed” the claim that protecting slavery was a major reason why the American Revolution was fought.

“Far from being fought to preserve slavery, the Revolutionary War became a primary disrupter of slavery in the North American Colonies. Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation, a British military strategy designed to unsettle the Southern Colonies by inviting enslaved people to flee to British lines, propelled hundreds of enslaved people off plantations and turned some Southerners to the patriot side. It also led most of the 13 Colonies to arm and employ free and enslaved black people, with the promise of freedom to those who served in their armies,” Harris wrote.

Cotton wrote in July that the project is “racially divisive.” It engages in a revisionist rewriting of U.S. history.

“Not a single cent of federal funding should go to indoctrinate young Americans with this left-wing garbage,” said Cotton.

Hannah-Jones has called whites “bloodsuckers,” which gives you an idea of where she is coming from.

The revised history is simply not true. The American Revolution was fought for freedom of all. Other famed historians like James McPherson and Gordon Wood have expressed that view.


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