Report Clinton Tied to FBI Collusion with the Kremlin and Trump Tower Frame Up


House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo that Hillary Clinton colluded with almost every top Department of Justice and FBI official. There is no investigation of her role.

There was zero evidence to launch the Trump-Russia probe. The information for the probe was obtained from Russians, likely the propaganda arm of the Kremlin. Then It was given to the Clinton operatives who fed it to top officials at the DOJ/FBI.

To take the Russia collusion theory further, Lee Smith has laid out facts seeming to tie Hillary Clinton to the Trump Tower meeting. He believes that meeting was a set up to tie Russia to the Trump campaign.

Read the thorough and convincing analysis at real clear investigations. Smith points to the very cozy relationship of Bruce Ohr, Oleg Deripaska, a Russian magnate tied closely to Putin, and former British spy Christopher Steele.

“The purpose of the meeting,” one congressional investigator told RCI, “was to substantiate the Clinton-funded dossier alleging that Trump was taking dirt on his rivals from the Russians.”

Mr. Smith’s tying of loose strings appears to confirm exactly that.

Ohr-Steele-Simpson were in a cozy relationship 

Recent emails, texts, and memos show the close and ongoing relationship between FBI chief Bruce Ohr, British spy Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson that included Steele helping Deripaska obtain a U.S. visa. Deripaska also did work for the FBI. Furthermore, Fusion GPS was paid $1 million by Clinton operatives to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign.

Additionally, Ohr’s wife Nellie worked with Fusion GPS as a Russia expert.

Simpson had been hired by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to get dirt on Trump. They paid for the dossier, otherwise known as opposition research.

The dossier that was used to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Trump Tower meeting was a set up to make it appear Trump’s team was working with Russia

In his report, Smith explains that the Trump Tower meeting of June 9, 2016, was one of several efforts by the Clinton campaign to tie the Trump campaign to Russia.

At the center of it all was Fusion GPS. They had two clients whose interests were served by the Trump Tower meeting: the Russians and the Clinton campaign.

Although there was no evidence arising from the meeting, Glenn Simpson testified in sworn Senate testimony that it corroborated a claim in the dossier that Trump campaign officials accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin.

The Trump Tower meeting was allegedly set up to provide Donald Trump Jr. with ‘dirt’ on Hillary. No dirt was provided and the meeting was unimportant. It was the fact of the meeting that mattered because it was a set up.

Simpson claimed he had no knowledge of the meeting but his client — Natalia Veselnitskaya — was the Russian lawyer at the meeting. She hired Fusion GPS from 2014 until mid-to-late 2016 to perform services tied to the Magnitsky Act.

In addition, Simpson has testified that he had dinner with Veselnitskaya the night before the meeting and the night after.

Accompanying Veselnitskaya to the meeting was Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, who had served in the Soviet Union’s military counterintelligence service. His role remains unclear, but evidence suggests he may have been the source Simpson was alluding to in December 2016 when Ohr recorded that Simpson told him, “Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (? not entirely clear) who lives in the U.S.”

Simpson never filled out a FARA

Other concerns and connections detailed by Smith include Bill Browder’s formal complaint about Fusion GPS. Simpson was working with Russian operatives on The Magnitsky Act but had not filed as a foreign agent. Browder is someone Putin wants to be extradited to Russia for prosecution.

Magnitsky and Browder were the topics of discussion at the Trump Tower meeting.

Browder’s complaint was never addressed.

The dossier and the warrant to spy

Ohr and Simpson were very chummy and on August 22, 2016, Ohr quickly responded to a Simpson email. The warrant to spy on Trump team adviser Carter Page was approved in October 2016.

The spy warrant was renewed three times, twice after Sen. Charles Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, sent an inquiry to the Justice Department in March 2017 on the status of Browder’s complaint. It has still not responded to Browder’s complaint.

Hillary colluded with the Russians, not Trump

The Republicans say the collusion was actually between Hillary and the Russians.

“Simpson approached the Clinton campaign through its law firm and said he could dig up dirt on Trump and Russia,” said one congressional investigator. “The difference between the Trump and Clinton campaigns’ willingness to take dirt on its opponent is that the Clintons went through with it and paid for it. While their source, Glenn Simpson, was working for a Russian oligarch” — a reference to the Katsyv connection.

British music publicist Rob Goldstone set up the meeting. He had sent a carefully-worded email that makes it appear Trump Jr. was colluding. In July 2017, he testified before Congress that he now regrets his part in it.

According to the dossier, Trump himself as well as aides Paul Manafort and Carter Page were in clandestine contact with the Russian government. “If that was really the case,” former FBI agent Mark Wauck told RealClearInvestigtions, “it’s not clear why the Russian government needed a British music publicist to make an overture. And why would Moscow need to send a Russian lawyer who didn’t speak English to Trump Tower? That tends to confirm that the meeting was intended as a setup.”

“The purpose of the meeting,” one congressional investigator told RCI, “was to substantiate the Clinton-funded dossier alleging that Trump was taking dirt on his rivals from the Russians.”

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Daniel Gerouse
Daniel Gerouse
5 years ago

Well They press on trying to implicate President Trump and just keep exposing themselves…We now have a list of 128 newspapers who would rather bash President Trump than just report the facts…karma anyone?

5 years ago

Considering this is from “Real Clear Investigations” it would be beneficial to have them Fully investigate this Browder affair.

The evidence is overwhelming that Browder is a compulsive liar. And because of His lies it has created worldwide turmoil. He is convicted by the words coming from his own mouth. Either he perjured himself in front of the Senate or he perjured himself in video testimony in the Preveson case.

In the Senate he claims Magnitsky was his lawyer that he searched out because of the Russian case against Hermitage. He admitted in deposition that Magnitsky was Not a lawyer but an accountant and worked for Browder for years. He also states that it was Magnitsky who uncovered criminal activity and went to the authorities. This is disputed by Russia. One could say, who do you believe. According to Russian documents a woman went to Russian authorities. Well someone could dismiss that also, Except an archive page of Hermitage’s own website actually corroborates the Russian document.

FusionGPS is involved probably because there is money involved. Some have categorized them as ‘mercenaries for hire’. Apparently they were involved with organizing a viewing of the “Magnitsky: Behind the scenes” film. At the time there was some uproar over the screening of it.

I recall hearing about it and assumed it was some type of propaganda film. I did finally find a source of the film and watched it. The person who made the film was a “friend” of Browder and an avid anti-Putin activist who makes documentaries. The film started out and was suppose to tell the story from Browder’s point of view on the Magnitsky affair. All was going well until the filmmaker wanted to use authentic document props in certain scenes. The documents he was given had the original on one side and the translation next to it. When reading it he found discrepancies.

What ensued from that point on was an investigation that kept going and going. There was discrepancy after discrepancy in what Browder had been telling him and everyone else. More documents and more lies. Eventually they had a meeting with Browder and it ended up with Browder accusing the filmmaker of essentially being Putin’s puppet and siding with a police officer Browder had false accused. The first half of the film had the full blessing of Browder in interviews but the last half ended up being an expose. It even went to the point that after a court case in the UK of a Russian lawsuit that he was asked about the case and lied about what the court stated. The film shows the actual court document.

That film leave little doubt that what Browder has peddled all these years has been a scam. He has been able to coerce anyone who attempts to show the film by litigation. Even EU members were taken aback with documents that were shown to them. This REALLY needs to be exposed because many use this specific case to continue and to expand American / Russian hysteria. Browder made Billions and billions in Russia partly by claiming tax exemptions for handicapped vets that he never employed. Is this not what could be considered an “Oligarch”. There’s pages and pages that could be written on this saga.

5 years ago

Time for Fair and Impartial Accountability. Russian collusion is only being investigated & prosecuted against the Right, when there is actual documented certifiable evidence it was committed by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the FBI. Drain The Swamp