Report Durham’s probe will end in prosecution of some gossips


There was obviously a coup against President Trump in 2016, but that isn’t what the Durham report will say according to the Wall Street Journal. John Durham, the prosecutor in charge of investigating the 2016 coup against President Trump will allegedly say it might have been the result of bad gossip from low-level operatives. That is what the Left wants you to believe.

Former U.S. Attorney John Durham is Barr’s officially designated special counsel to investigate the origins of the fraudulent Russia Spygate investigation.

He is reportedly exploring criminal charges against lower-level FBI officials and tipsters who may have provided false leads to the bureau in the 2016 investigation.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Durham would submit a review to the Justice Department by the end of the summer but now we hear that it would likely be delayed.

Durham has so far brought just one prosecution, charging a former FBI attorney with altering an email.

Clinesmith’s altered email — forged email — led to the third and fourth FISA warrants that led to the spying of Carter Page. It ruined Carter Page’s life. All Clinesmith received for that was 12 months probation and he can keep his law license.

According to the Journal, Durham’s probe is investigating whether certain tipsters had knowingly provided false information to the FBI, including allegations of links between the Trump Organization and the Russian Alfa Bank, which investigators later found no evidence of.

The Alfa Bank tips were the most minimal of tips. Durham is minimizing the coup and all that surrounded it to protect Democrats, in our humble opinion.

“Does everybody remember when we caught the Democrats, red-handed, SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN? Where’s Durham?” Trump said in a statement on Monday.

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