Biden on his latest failure — Afghanistan


In January 2011, Vice President Joe Biden said that America will not cut and run in 2014 when the US-led military coalition plans to hand over control of security to Afghan forces.

Speaking after a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Biden said training and aid will continue even after responsibility for security is handed over. He added that both sides share a common goal of a ”stable, sovereign Afghanistan.”

Early in July, he said he wouldn’t answer questions about Afghanistan on July 4th:

He said this recently — a massive lie. Biden said in July that the Taliban “overrunning everything” was “highly unlikely.” Later he said, Intel didn’t say Afghanistan would fall:



  1. 3000 troops will help evacuate US personnel and collaborators err I mean interpreters as the Taliban owns highway one and will do a pincer move on Kabul before fall.
    Evacuating from rooftops with helicopters will show those towelheads just how badass the faculty lounge really is.

    O/T-a workaround for subscription users only regarding a Matt Tiabbi article about the shine off of the Chicago Jesus Messiah:

  2. Could it be the show, 24, I think it was called, have some reason for staying in Afghanistan. I’m not clear on the premise of the show. All I know is, some conservatives would really talk it up. If so, then Hollywood sure helped promote the Multi-Trillion dollar enterprise.

  3. @ Greg,

    It is where the poppies grow now that China has undercut the market with Fentanyl, time to get out.
    Not much on Queefer Sutherland but I do like Donald in Kelly’s Heroes and JFK by Oliver Stoned but he is CPUSA fellow traveler as well.

  4. Look at Mitch, Lindseed and other tools of the deep state call for action now in Afghanistan.

    Did anyone notice that when Trump called for pulling out, which I support fully, then Mitch, Graham, both parties, the media and deep state screamed relentlessly? That’s what tools do. When Biden called for it I could hear the crickets. These things are not hard to figure out.

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