Nikki Haley bashed for taking offense at Biden’s racist remarks


Nikki Haley became a target of the Twitter mafia today because of a tweet. Haley, a minority herself, linked to comments by a calm, neutral black FoX host discussing Joe Biden’s racist remarks claiming black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.”

To hear the gentile Harris Faulkner make the comments in the following clip makes one realize how hurtful they really were. Unfortunately, it became an opportunity to bash the highly-respected Mrs. Haley.


The thought behind Mrs. Haley’s remarks is lost as the hateful Twitter trolls attack her.

Soledad jumped in and berated her for a prior remark that she distorted.

Soledad is dishonest:

The crazed anti-gun tyrant Shannon Watts went on a rant.

First of all, Trump didn’t mean African countries per se were s*hithole countries, nor did he say all Haitians have AIDs. He never said Puerto Ricans were lazy, all Mexicans are rapists or white supremacists are “very fine people.” These were all publicly debunked many times, making Watts a liar.

There are so many of these nasty comments, but it’s just to make the point that no matter what a Republican says, they will get bashed. It’s all political all the time. Twitter is one big mistake.



  1. The Left are hateful bitter people who not accept anything the Right says or does, they believe in divide and conquer. I as a black conservative have been ridiculed all my life for not being black, abandoning my race and other down right vulgar names.

  2. Leave it to the “Leftist/Liberal Democrats, to take ANYTHING that Biden says derogatory about blacks, IGNORE IT, then blame other people they want to bash for saying things they DON’T like…
    Typical Hypocrites, who “Cover for their Own”……If they don’t KNOW that Biden is suffering from dementia(as is Pelosi) then they REALLY ARE DESPERATE, and want to hand pick the V.P. they really want, and will “get rid of Biden ASAP”………..Nice Ploy-as IF no one knows they want a puppet they can manage-just as they are doing KEEPING BIDEN IN THE BASEMENT and Giving Him his ‘Script’…..they put together. This guy is “Out to Lunch”……Sad, his wife would allow him to be made a Fool before the whole world”

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