Report that 132,000 Fulton County votes are red flagged as change of address


Independent reporter Kyle Becker retweeted a report by Peoples’ Pundit claiming that there are 132,000 change of address red flags in Fulton County, Georgia. That could be a game-changer if true.

They have gone through voter rolls.

These votes are “highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved,” per source.

He has access to the voter files and wonders why the tweet is listed as disputed. We wonder also.

They also found ineligible voters in Michigan. They report:

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Untrained Brains
Untrained Brains
3 years ago

Dominion is the not made in the USA can haez demockracy software with HQ in the glorious people’s republic of Commierado.
Isn’t that odd how every vote went to Biden?
Hmm so hmm.

Historic Flatulence
Historic Flatulence
3 years ago

What’s this hammer and sickle err hammer and scorecard software?
CCP moles comrades Feinstein and Pelosi are involved with the company?
This wouldn’t make it off the cutting room floor of a degenerate and dumbed down Hollywood.
Breaking-A hearing impaired legless adopted stepchild of Nazi satan worshippers who identifies as a tree will be the commissioner of sewers in the Kamal/Gropesführer regime. How historic!