Report the CCP Is Erasing All Embarrassing COVID-19 History


A new report out of Communist China claims the Maoists in charge have ordered all embarrassing COVID-19 data erased.

An anonymous source from Changsha, Hunan, who calls himself “Mr. Chen” told The Epoch Times that his friend holds a leadership role in a local hospital. “He told me directly: the government is instructing health departments across the country to eradicate all COVID-19-related data, including information on the entire epidemic prevention process and vaccination records. They must obliterate all data without leaving a trace, and computer records must be deleted It is a nationwide directive.

Mr. Chen added that the CCP’s demand states “No data can be spared, neither on paper nor on computers. Records of vaccine administration are to be expunged, as well as records of nucleic acid testing and any embarrassing incidents that occurred during the entire epidemic prevention process.”

According to Mr. Chen, they plan to erase history. That has been their history – to erase history. Isn’t that what our media, some of our professors, politicians are doing when their army of communists aren’t tearing down statues?

There is no way The Epoch Times can verify his claims at this time.

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