Good News! Mayorkas Says Admin Not Responsible in Laken Riley’s Death


Alejandro Mayorkas went on to Face the Nation and again lied about the borders. First, he said their “hearts break” over Laken Riley’s death (Lie #1). Then he said the only person responsible for her “murder is the murderer.” (Lie #2). Lastly, he said, “We work very closely with state and local law enforcement to ensure that individuals who pose a threat to safety are indeed the highest priority.” (Lie #3).

Is that why he leaves the borders open and doesn’t vet people coming or track them?

The reporter asked Mayorkas if Laken Riley’s murderer had an order to detain and he skirted the issue instead of answering, “No he didn’t.”

No one in this administration can ever be accountable.

The reporter asked, “Is it the policy of the Biden administration to allow as many migrants to come across the border in order to change the political dynamics, the electoral dynamics, of America?”

Not only did he say, “Of course not,” but he added that the facts prove it. [Lie #4 and #5]

The administration doesn’t stop at opening the borders; they invite them in. When Biden entered office, he issued 94 executive orders opening the border. The illegal aliens are offered cash, housing, education, and anything they want, including flights to any locale they choose.

We are not even allowed to call them what they are. The White House now insists we call them “newcomers.”

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