Report We Should Be Talking About, Alarmed About, Not the Shutdown


What we should be discussing today is not a government shutdown by Democrats on behalf of illegal aliens. We should be talking about the defense strategy outlined by Secretary Mattis at Johns Hopkins Friday.

This is alarming. It is the first defense strategy in ten years since Obama was into surrender and domestic welfare programs, not defense. This strategy comes as Democrats are shutting down the government for illegal aliens.

ISIS is no longer a threat but Great Power competition from nations who want to re-submit the world to authoritarianism is the threat. We are no longer competitive. America’s ability to respond in every area has eroded and it continues to erode.

Because China and Russia have modernized, because of our endless wars, we cannot compete on the battlefield. We must modernize.

The military will immediately be hurt by the shutdown: maintenance will be shut down; half of the contractors will be furloughed hurting morale and leading to people quitting; contracts will be halted; all intelligence throughout the world will stop.

Training for all reserves will stop. It is very bad for morale.

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