Reporter asks if Trump thinks it’s good the South lost the Civil War


Politico’s Chief Washington Correspondent and a complete ninnyhammer Ryan Lizza asked a very offensive question today at the press conference. He asked Kayleigh McEnany if President Trump thinks it’s a good thing that the South lost the Civil War.

She told him his question was “absolutely absurd”.

The President is sticking up for all statues because it is our history. The sarcastic Lizza doesn’t understand that. He’s as delusional as the rest of the pack in the media.

Go to 12:00:



  1. Time for Kayleigh to take names and kick some ass! Remember this wiseguy – and don’t ever call on him again. Easy-peazy. Don’t announce it – just do it (or don’t do it…) and let them wonder why they are no longer getting questions anymore….

    Same with ACOSTA – just don’t ever call on him – and ignore any of his yelled-out questions. ‘Sorry, Jim, just didn’t get to you today’…….and tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow, and day after day after tomorrow…..

  2. Here would be my response to the jerk who asked this question: You are too stupid to be part of the White House Press Pool. Your credentials ls are fully revoked as of today. Go back to your parents basement and play more Space Invaders. You are a moron.
    This lady is way too polite. About the third question about the fake report of the reported Russian bounty would have been: What didn’t you understand about the previous answers? There will be zero answers about questions that have all ready been asked. If you can’t understand plain English, maybe you don’t need to be here.

    • At the time of Kosovo the Main sewer Stream fake Media appears to have instituted a policy of hiring malleable retards instead of “journalists”…those retards, having risen in the ranks (for the purists, cream is not the only thing that rises ) and are now hiring more malleable idiotic retarded morons…

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