Reporter Imprisoned: Raised His Voice, Abusive Language on J6


Reporter Owen Shroyer has been sentenced to prison for 60 days for the January 6th Capitol riot. He never entered the building but was on the steps. What the Feds seemed concerned about were his comments. They were highlighted during his trial.As with many of the J6 protesters, they claimed his speech “helped create” the riot. They also claimed he attempted to disrupt government business.

They claimed he “amplified lies” about the 2020 election. Yet, there are many reasons to believe the election was corrupt, from the concealment of and intel lies about Hunter’s laptop to mail-in balloting. It’s also legal to lie.

The Feds charged him very harshly partly because he yelled out at another congressional meeting and because he yelled out during the J6 protest. Shroyer and Alex Jones were on the steps to tell people not to enter the Capitol building because it was a “setup.”

The Feds used his language as the basis for the charges, trial, and sentencing.

This is only a warning for Mr. Shroyer. If Mr. Shroyer, a conservative reporter, continues to speak out and others misbehave around him, this will be used against him as a repeat offender.

Prosecutors asked for 120 days imprisonment.


Prosecutors said he committed crimes under 18 USC section 1752, A,1 and 2. He knowingly entered the restricted grounds and knowingly attempted to impede or disrupt the conduct of government business. They said he also violated 40 USC section 51O4, E,2, D and E, “which makes it a crime to willfully and knowingly utter loud threatening or abusive language or engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct”… and “E, obstruct or impede passage through or within the grounds or any of the Capitol buildings.”

He stood to the side on the steps.

Think about this. Did the jury come in with the verdict because of the prosecutor’s use of the reporter’s language, which is typical protest language? He didn’t stick to the actual “crimes” of disrupting our corrupt Congress or standing on Capitol steps. He added the man’s free speech to set a precedent. What does this say to others who want to raise their voices and say things people find abusive?

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
5 months ago

I’ve said it before, Rod Serling in his many Twilight Zone episodes depicting totalitarian governments, couldn’t make this stuff revolving around J6 and COVID, up. It is just too bizarre for most Americans to believe it is actually happening.