Reporter says DOJ watchdog report will include serious civil liberty issues


After discussing the phone records obtained secretly by Adam Schiff, investigative reporter John Solomon discussed the Department of Justice Watchdog Report coming out on Monday during an interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

Solomon believes there will be “serious civil liberties issues” in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and listed some of them.

There will six to twelve serious issues tied to the FISA process in the report, including the intentional falsification of documents (Kevin Clinesmith?), the withholding of exculpatory information, there will be the failure to disclose derogatory information about Christopher Steele and his dossier, a bad job of vetting information from an informant.

There are serious civil liberty issues, he said, and” there’s no lipstick you can put on this pig that’s going to make it look good the morning after.”

We’ll see I guess. Hopefully, it’s all that.

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