Reporter suspended on Twitter for telling the truth about protected leftist


Carlos Maza is an unpleasant gay pundit who attacks people of the right and was able to get a right-wing comedian Steven Crowder de-monetized on youtube after he called Maza what he calls himself.

A reporter for the New York Post explained in a researched article how Maza is a hypocritic, a socialist, and a “gay wonk.” Maza is extremely rich and prattles about eating the rich. The reporter, Jon Levine, simply told the truth. Everything in the story is factual.

Maza got the reporter suspended.


Levine first tweeted a link to his story.

After the first suspension, he was allowed back on Twitter and told it had been a mistake. Then he was suspended again for the same story. His page is back up and the far-left is tweeting that he’s a Nazi who supports Nazis, which is clearly untrue. Mr. Levine deleted the “offending tweets” so here are the screenshots. Mr. Levine took them down.

They described Mr. Maza’s wealth:

The story Mr. Levine wrote explained that rich Mr. Maza was bashing James Carville, a Democratic strategist, for being too rich. Levine asked Carville about it:

Whatever rich Mr. 1% Maza wants, Mr. 1% Trustafarian gets.

This is Mr. Levine’s recent message:

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