Reporters Say Sealed Indictment Has Been Issued Against President Trump


Heat St. journalist and rabid Trump hater Louise Mensch claims a sealed indictment [reports say FISA issued it] has been issued against Donald Trump. The charges were not mentioned. It’s not known if the story is true though Mensch is right more than she is wrong. [Certainly it can’t be a FISA warrant but a left-wing grand jury might be capable of such utter nonsense. Read the update here.]

Wikileaks responded:

An indictment is not impeachment and, as we’ve heard, a ham sandwich could be indicted. It’s more of the hateful movement by the left to embarrass and threaten Trump.

There is no sealed indictment against Hillary anywhere.

On her blog, Patribotics, Mensch and another journalist, Claude Taylor [actually, he’s a Twitter blogger] wrote, ““Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump,” the report claimed.

She wrote the President can’t be prosecuted until he is impeached but the sealed indictment is intended to form the basis for impeachment.

With the leftist haters embedded in our courts, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think this is in the works.

The indictment is allegedly sitting in a court in liberal Northern Virginia, according to Mensch. There are rumors of grand juries in Northern Virginia and the Eastern District of New York issuing subpoenas.

Never underestimate the hate and intent of the left.

Mensch was right about the court orders allowing surveillance of Trump associates and appears to have ties to the intelligence community. This report could be accurate.

This comes after Trump fired James Comey and after he is being accused of trying to squash the Russia investigation. The left is hyperbolically calling it a situation worse than Watergate.

Mensch frequently engages in anti-Trump twitter rants and one wonders if she is capable of reporting about Trump fairly.

In an op-ed published by the Washington Post on Saturday, Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence H. Tribe states that “The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.”

He says “…the country is faced with a president whose conduct strongly suggests that he poses a danger to our system of government.”

Tribe is a leftist who absolutely hates Trump.

American University history professor Allan Lichtman recently told Newsweek that the president “arguably could be impeached now.”

Lichtman contends that the firing of Comey is worse than Watergate.

Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet told Vox that “It’s absolutely fair to put impeachment on the table right now.” He agrees Trump has the right to fire Comey but he is convinced Trump fired Comey because he was too unrelenting in his pursuit of the Russia investigation.

Maxine is still running around calling for Trump’s impeachment but some clever person put up street art in front of her town hall.

Mensch retweeted this:



    • I took out “FISA” court. I got that from a different website, Mensch didn’t say it, and I don’t think the FISA does that either.

  1. People are going to keep on trying to undermine Trump and it’s going to wind up biting them on the butt. I would imagine if push comes to shove it could wind up causing another civil war – only this time Trump supporters will hold the upper hand.

  2. Reading other information on that blog it sounds more like conspiracy thinking. Most of it seems to be related to the Comey firing and Trump’s remarks that Comey said he wasn’t under investigation and this is reportedly a Separation of Powers issue. Supposedly Senator Hatch is being groomed for the succession.

    Does anyone really believe that firing Comey was an unconstitutional dismissal? I guess they would have to indict the Deputy AG also.

    They contend the substantive charges of collusion with the Russian state and of money-laundering, sedition, violation of the Logan Act, and other crimes with which both Trump and Pence may be charged.

    Whoever their sources it wouldn’t include Sen.’s Grassley and Feinstein who Both have stated there was NO evidence to support such a claim.

    This, in itself, SHOULD be grounds for a Congressional Investigation into the Intelligence Agencies as that is where the source has links to.

    It just occurred to me the person who is most likely the culprit of this information is the one who is a discredited former Intelligence worker. I’ll have to see if I can locate who that person is. This person has been making outrageous claims for some time. All I remember at this point about him relates to some sexual escapade.

  3. I have a “sealed” report that the article is B.S. I swear that the report exists and I know it’s true, but it is sealed so you can’t read it…..

    • A lot of what is in the news and popular culture today is similar to the Mars invasion scare in the 30s from Orson Welles. Many people believed the earth was being invaded. Many now believe Trump is an evil racist corrupt Russian agent. The believers have minute attention spans.The readers of this site know better.

    • Your comment posted – I don’t know what you’re talking about – but this site is not extreme right. Commies and socialists do, however, think it is.

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