Snake Chuck Schumer Accelerates the Dump Trump Movement With CNN’s Help


Democrats are now demanding a special prosecutor in the Trump-Russia investigation. If they don’t get it, they are threatening to block the appointment of a new FBI Director.

Andrew McCabe is compromised and keeping him as Acting Director serves Democrat Party interests. There’s no rush to appoint someone as far as Democrats are concerned.

Chuck Schumer said that this will only be the beginning.

Democrats are going to demand a litmus test for Republicans who care about the integrity of the Russian investigation, according to Axios. If Republicans don’t cooperate in calling for a special prosecutor, they will pay the consequences.

Who won the election again?

Democrats will also demand Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from deciding Comey’s replacement, given the new FBI director will be overseeing the Russia-Trump collusion investigation.

They also plan to badger deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein about his role in Trump’s firing of Comey. The deputy attorney general is scheduled to brief senators this week.

Republicans will be urged to support Democrat’s calls for Comey to testify before a congressional committee. We can hear John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s calls right now.

This information came via a report by Axios and Schumer’s disgraceful appearance on CNN with Democrat operative Jake Tapper.

In the end, this is just a continuation of the Dump Trump campaign orchestrated by the hysterical Democrats.

How appropriate is it for a senator to call for the overthrow of a President?

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