Reporters Stake Out Police as Pigs Painting After It’s Rehung 6 Times


Police as pigs painting hung in the US Capitol
Police as pigs painting hung in the US Capitol

Democrats Will Forever Be Known for This

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) who serves as the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus threatened violence if Republicans keep removing the pig painting.

We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them,” Richmond was reported by Politico to have said on Tuesday after the painting was taken down a second time.

The police as pigs painting hung in the US Capitol hallway has been taken down six times today and rehung each time. The most recent take down was by Reps Rohrabacher/Babin but it’s back up again. If enough Republicans get involved, Clay won’t be able to follow through on his plan to have Rep. Duncan Hunter criminally charged.

Reporters are now staking out the wall for the next person who will take down the painting.

What Transpired

In between Rep. Hunter and Reps. Rohrabacher and Babin, there was Rep. Lamborn who took it down, only to have it rehung.

There were six of these events altogether.

Rep. Clay had the painting hung after it won his congressional painting contest.

Clay bemoaned the “alt-right media sites” and “some Republican members” who refer to themselves as “constitutional conservatives” who don’t support the “fundamental free speech of my 18-year-old constituent.”

It’s amazing how Democrats find the Constitution when it suits them.

Clay argued the artist’s world view has been shaped by the “animalistic” behavior of police officers, particularly the recent, high-profile cases in which unarmed black males died in confrontations with police.

Meanwhile, Republicans say the painting is against House rules.

Hunter said Tuesday before the painting was rehung: “It doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol. It’s that simple. It violates the rules of the art competition. You cannot have offensive things in the competition and this does.”

He said the rules do not allow paintings with “sensationalistic” subjects or those that depict “contemporary political controversy.”

One Democrat got very nasty.

The RINOs on Special Report, Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt, are appalled that Republicans keep taking it down and claim this is the reason nothing gets done. It would be nice if these two stuck up for the police.

Two officers were murdered in Orlando this week.

Another officer, Steven McDonald, died of a heart attack. Thirty years ago, a young black man shot him and paralyzed him. He lived as a quadriplegic for three decades and famously forgave the young man.

Clay Believes in 1st Amendment Until He Doesn’t

If you want to know how phony Rep. Clay is, you only have to go back to June, 2015.

In the summer of 2015, U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay asked St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay to remove a Confederate monument from Forest Park.

In a letter delivered to Slay’s office, Clay wrote: “Let us lead and influence how we are perceived by the world … as a force for good, and in solidarity with those advocating racial healing.

“Symbols associated with this country’s racist, oppressive past should not be elevated or displayed in public places.”

The monument honors confederate soldiers and sailors, not slavery.

Confederate monument to soldiers and sailors.
Confederate monument to soldiers and sailors.

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Helen Witschi
Helen Witschi
7 years ago

I think the police need to own this painting as Trump supporters NOW own the word DEPLORABLE! If it no longer causes dissension, it becomes a non-issue. You notice that once Trump supporters made themselves know as Deplorables and Proud of It, it was no longer a selling point for Hillary. It is a disgusting painting, the artist (and I use that word disparagingly) should be allowed to molder away in his/her studio, unseen and unheard, BUT, POLICE, TAKE CHARGE OF THIS PAINTING AND OWN IT!

7 years ago

I think that the Speaker, a known coward, has lots of control over how the Capitol is run. I have heard no remarks from him, much less any action, towards decency.