Republican JD Vance Wins in Ohio, Ron DeSantis Turns Florida Ruby Red


JD Vance

Republican J.D. Vance wins the race for Senate in Ohio over far-left Tim Ryan.

Vance, a venture capitalist known for authoring the memoir “Hillbilly Elegy,” was up against far-left Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s seat.

Vance offered a conciliatory victory speech Tuesday night, thanking his opponent for a “gracious” phone call and offering to serve all Ohioans.

“The thing that I promised to do is go to the United States Senate and fight every single day for the people of Ohio,” Vance said. “Thanks to you we get an opportunity to do just that.”

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Ben Shapiro said this is a red trickle at best.

Kelly Tshibaka, Lisa Murkowski


Alaska will go Republican, but if it goes to Murkowski, it’s barely Republican. Mitch McConnell pulled $9 million from Blake Masters and gave it to Lisa Murkowski. He pulled money from Dr. Oz, Tudor Dixon, and others he saw as conservative.


“We will never ever surrender to the woke mob! Florida is where woke goes to die!” 

Ron De Santis

Florida went ruby red last night. Republicans took over statewide offices. He won Miami-Dade, a Democrat stronghold. Ron DeSantis stands as a “citadel for freedom” in Florida and the world.

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1 year ago

Two things happened in Florida. They cleaned up the Democrat Corruption in Southeast Florida and Conservatives left the Northeast moving to Florida.