COP27: “The Capitalist Model Can No Longer Work”


According to the discussions at COP27, the World Economic Forum and the UN have a global climate plan for the world, and Joe Biden is fully on board. In the end, it’s nothing new; it’s just grander than in past dictatorships. It’s the end of sovereignty and the rise of global communism. Macron said aloud: “The Capitalist model can no longer work.” The abandonment of Capitalism is the vehicle for transformation to global communism.

It begins with the first movers.


The First Movers Coalition was formed last year at COP26 in partnership with the U.S. State Department and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The green project’s goal is to sign up private firms to commit to green agenda efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Partnerships between mega-corporations and powerful governments are very dangerous. Mussolini would call it fascism.

The First Movers said they needed private companies to join with them because governments didn’t have enough money. And they have corporations on board.

We modeled it somewhat on the experience of what happened with vaccines; the government said, ‘we’ll pay for it, build it,’ and the same thing with SpaceX, if you build it, we are going to use it, and we’ll pay for it.

“People who were putting capital at risk knew that they could get a return on that capital or at least cover their expenses in the case of something like vaccines, where human life was so at risk. Well, human life is at risk now in the context of the challenges of the global climate crisis,” Kerry warned.

Even though climate deaths have reduced by 99% in the last hundred years, Biden’s climate csar John Kerry said his radical climate agenda would move forward.


Kerry said that even if Republicans are victorious on Tuesday, “President Biden is more determined than ever to continue what we are doing.”

“And most of what we are doing cannot be changed by anybody else who comes along… The marketplace has decided to do what we need to do to respond to the climate crisis.”

At the same time, French President Macron said during a question and answer session conducted with ‘Great Reset’ architect and founder chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, that while capitalism has historically driven down poverty globally, he claimed that it came with the cost of furthering inequality.

“We will get out of this pandemic only with an economy that thinks more about fighting inequalities,” Macron said.

The capitalist model together with this open economy can no longer work in this environment,” he added.

These people are communists.


John Podesta accompanied Kerry. He said at COP27 that the Inflation Reduction act will serve as the “backdrop and the background for those investments across those sectors, whether you are talking about clean power, carbon capture, green hydrogen, clean manufacturing.”

Podesta is in charge of spending the money from the Manchin-Schumer inflation act.

Podesta went on to say that it should be “exciting” that global leaders are seeking to enact a “transformation of the global economy on a size and scale that’s never occurred in human history.”

“You should be excited here that you are the point of that spear, transforming the global economy across the range of manufacturing, power, transportation, [and] buildings to produce the result that we are going to give.”

Manchin’s role is becoming clearer.


China’s Alibaba pushed an “Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker” at the World Economic Forum. Others are developing similar apps. The EU and Bidenistas are pushing it.

In an article by a Dutch journalist and filmmaker Alain Grootaers, reposted by Dr. Robert Malone, Grootaers declares, “transcommunism is coming.” He says it’s important to understand what has been happening to all of us over the last three years has been globally coordinated.

The hard-left, who want to own everything, exploited the pandemic to bring in The Great Reset.

Grootaers writes:

This “Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI)” was a pilot project of the WEF in 2018. Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is a Young Global Leader of the WEF.  The other partner in Canada’s KTDI programme, by the way, is the Dutch government.  That includes Sigrid Kaag (D66), an ‘agenda contributor’ to the WEF.

Kaag is pretty much the Netherlands’ shadow prime minister and finance minister. She reported a few days ago that she wants to oblige banks to put all transactions above 100 euros into a large database under the guise of fighting fiscal fraud.

That in itself is a huge breach of privacy law. 


The Dutch government’s plan to track almost all transactions of its citizens could also be a preparatory step towards the implementation of a digital central bank currency (Central Bank Digital Currency).  That digital euro is again not a fairy tale of conspiracy thinkers, but was also previously announced by the European Central Bank.

Such a digital Euro, centrally controlled by the ECB is the prelude to a total social control society on the Chinese model. With it, every financial transaction can not only be monitored but then adjusted or even banned.  Linked to credit or debit cards, your spending patterns can be accurately tracked. Linked to your “Covid Safe” card or app (which will be soon renamed as a Health Certificate) your money can be blocked in case of “undesirable behavior.”

They are lying to themselves if they think they will make the world more equal. They are bringing large-scale inequality to the entire world. If they think it will be easy, they should read about the French Revolution.

Like China, they will track every purchase for too much of a carbon footprint. It’s not really about the climate. It’s about controlling you and all the money.

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4 months ago

At the present rate, the capitalist model will self destruct soon enough. The democrats are working on its failure as best they can.
The rest of us will just have to vote harder in 2024 to try to save it.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 months ago

it is easy for people who have many Million or many Billions of dollars to tell us that it is now time to stop capitalism.

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
4 months ago

Setting the stage for the soon coming Anti-Christ. There is no stopping it. Jesus said all these things must happen before he returns.

4 months ago

Traitor Joe Biden is fully on board, but the rest of America isn’t!

4 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Yesterdays elections show just how stupid Americans can be. Case in point. The election of Fetterman. Too many Americans will sell their souls to help the commicrats win. We are so screwed.

4 months ago
Reply to  Queenie

dont forget the dead guy that got elected as well

4 months ago
Reply to  dave

This is a result of early voting! There should be one voting day and it should be a National Holiday. Actually it should also be Veterans Day because we wouldn’t have a country without Veterans.