Unintelligible Marxist Wins in Pennsylvania, Flips a Senate Seat


Pennsylvania is lost as their Senate seat flips to Democrats. They chose a far-left Marxist who has serious language and processing problems. As Buck Sexton said on Twitter, “People who voted for John Fetterman are why reality and rationality no longer matter in politics, just party identity and raw power.”

This flips a Senate seat from retiring Republican Pat Toomey.

We can’t talk about John Fetterman without talking about the youth vote. Almost 79% of young people voted for Democrats in the early vote, and more than 70% of young people voted for Democrats based on Pennsylvania’s exit polls. Young voters helped turn Pennsylvania blue. Fetterman’s win is a bad sign as state after state falls to the hard-left Democrats.

This election gives them encouragement to continue moving far left.

Fetterman won by mostly hiding from the public.

If Republicans can’t flip the Senate as the country is being destroyed, they can’t win. There was no red wave.

Illegal Electioneering

Fetterman, who lived off his parents until he was 50, won’t understand much, but he will vote with Biden 100%.

The US flips toward the hard left. Communist Democrats can’t even lose when they’re starting wars, promoting criminals, leaving borders open, and destroying the economy. Cartels have operational control of our borders!

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Whatever is happening, I do not call it winning. I call it cheating, as in 2020. Plus, lots of help from RINOs, for instance, Mitch deprived Masters of several million which he had available to give. If this election proceeds as it appears, then the USA is a lost nation, as I said it was in November 2020, when we were betrayed. Recovery from that situation was very unlikely.

People give me silly excuses and explanations for the loss, and none make sense. It sounds like a Faux News echo chamber. Polls showed great sentiment towards conservatives and distrust of Biden. Lots of other issues, such as lockdowns, school boards and grooming, solidified that sentiment.

1 year ago

This morning over breakfast at the local truck stop, a retiree from the VA had an interesting observation about Pennsylvania. He said the actions of the people in Pennsylvania resemble that of Vietnam Vets who were Prisoners of War. For 50 years now, Pennsylvania has been the rust belt. Many union people in Pennsylvania vote the Union Line because if they don’t they risk losing their job. When Traitor Joe talked about shutting down Coal Plants they saw this as potential punishment if they weren’t good little Democrats. In the end, they gave up their Ballots to the Ballot Harvesters to stay in good graces with the Union should Traitor Joe make good on his threat. In other words, they will do anything to try and avoid pain.

This also goes on in poor Black Neighborhoods. The Welfare Bureaucracy Enforcers come through to collected absentee Ballots. Those on welfare readily give up their ballots because they are scared of losing welfare benefits. There is a similar process in Old Folks Homes.

This is what happens when people are deprived of the power to resist, they just go along to get along. This is why the 2nd Amendment is so Important. If the Government takes away our power to resist, Freedom in America is a thing of the past. Logic just screams that there was Significant Fraud in yet another Pennsylvania election and the people of Pennsylvania feel they are powerless to stop it.

Constitutionally, the Federal Government can’t tell States how to run elections, but they can designate only one day to vote for Federal Offices, ID is required, States have only 24 hours to Publish Results, then let the States figure out how to do this. This would effectively eliminate Mail-in and absentee voting. The only way to get this passed is to tie it to a major spending bill and shutdown the Government until the Democrats give in. The Republicans are scared of Shutdowns, but after 3 or 4 months people will realize that all those Bureaucracies aren’t needed. Republicans have to learn how to play hardball with the big boys.

1 year ago

I have tried to understand…..but undertand I cannot. The 2022 mid-terms clearly show America has changed and not for the better. I find solice in my memories of when she was great and am pleased I was raised during her zenith.

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