Republicans, Conservatives flee ‘woke Twitter’ for free speech Parler


Facebook announced that they will censor hate speech and ads after some of their advertisers boycotted them. Both Facebook and Twitter strictly censor conservatives and now they are censoring the President’s posts and ads. Twitter supported the Taliban, ISIS, but now censors the President of the United States. They support Antifa and BLM but hates cops.

People have begun to flee. Dan Bongino is advertising for Parler, and in the last week, Parler picked up half a million users.

Parler CEO John Matze said his platform, which surged to the 26th spot on the iOS App Store chart and No.1 in the “News” category as of Thursday, offers users the freedom to speak their minds while shielding personal data from third-party companies.

“This is a symbol that we want a Town Square for free discussion,” Matze wrote on Thursday. “We the people do not want to be told what to think, we do not want to be manipulated, and we want our data to be private.”

Top Republican politicians have pitched the social network throughout the week, and Sen. Ted Cruz produced a video bemoaning the power of companies such as Twitter to police speech.

“Big Tech is out of control, filled with hubris and flagrantly silencing those with whom they disagree with, from conservative media organizations to the President of the United States — and millions of Americans in between,” the Texas Republican said.

Ryan Fournier, Rep. Andy Biggs, Mark Dice, Carpe Donktum, Todd Starnes, and a host of others have joined.

The problem is they aren’t set up for the traffic they are getting so suddenly. They also have a clause that requires the poster to pay if they get sued for something they posted.

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