Some Minneapolis agitators are second-guessing disbanding the police


Some Minneapolis leftists are second-guessing their idea of dismantling the police. Some realized it might not work. Brilliant! Maybe the drug-addicted campers in their quaint park woke up some people.

They announced they were going to dismantle the police in early June. City Council member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted, “And we won’t be silent. We’ll be loud. We’ll fight. We’ll win.”

What a buffoon.


Sam Martinez, an activist with Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar, said just getting rid of a police department doesn’t solve the problem.

“If they attempted to defund the police or reduce the police force, we know they can’t do it, and what comes after that? Will they turn over the power to the (Hennepin County) sheriff … who has had no accountability either?” Martinez said.

Steve Cramer, a former City Council member who now serves as president and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council, called rhetoric about ending policing as the city knows it “exhilarating to some but terrifying to others.”

“Until we really understand how this kind of evaluation and planning process is going to move forward, there’s this vacuum that people are going to fill with their own thoughts,” he said. ” … I think that’s just a hard place that some of our elected officials have put our community in at a very vulnerable time.”

Look At Who Gets to Decide

“Saying that they’re going to defund the police or that they’re going to ban the police or whatever they’re talking about, that was optics, guys,” said Michelle Gross, president of the Minneapolis chapter of Communities United Against Police Brutality. “Just plain optics.”

Gross’ group, along with others including Minnesota’s Council on American-Islamic Relations and two Black Lives Matter chapters, presented their own 40 recommendations for police reform on Monday. They gathered at the remnants of the Third Precinct station, which was set ablaze by protesters at the height of violence following Floyd’s death.


The recommendations are mostly deplorable. They want officers to carry their own professional liability insurance after they take away qualified immunity and they can get sued personally by any lunatic.

They want an independent agency to investigate and prosecute critical incidents involving police; mandatory psychological testing for officers; and community participation in negotiating police union contracts.

They would end “warrior” training for officers and the use of no-knock warrants, while banning military equipment in community policing as well as neck restraints and chokeholds.

The only thing that sounds reasonable is the psych testing.

They should really be looking for ways to reform their criminals and clean up the drug problem. The police aren’t really their problem. Derek Chauvin and his trainees were outliers.

They have a criminal and drug problem. The police didn’t burn down anything.

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