Researchers: no bats or pangolins sold in the Wuhan markets


The Daily Mail has another interesting COVID-19 story.

Researchers looked at 50,000 animals traded in Wuhan from 2017 to Nov. 2019, and it won’t come as much of a surprise at this point, but scientists found “no evidence” of bats or pangolins at markets in the city of Wuhan.

Instead, they argued that the scores of wild animals kept in filthy cages and neglected by the merchants provided an abundance of routes for Covid-19 to pass on to humans.

Chris Newman, from the University of Oxford, told Mailonline: ‘Some of these species are known to host a variety of diseases.

“Our data cannot determine how humans became infected with Covid-19, only that direct contact with pangolins or bats in these markets seems highly implausible,” they said.

The authors, whose work was published in Scientific Reports on Wednesday, said the thousands of animals that were traded in Wuhan were “capable of hosting a wide range of infectious zoonotic diseases or disease-bearing parasites.”

‘The creatures were sold for huge sums. Marmot meat, for example, was five times the cost of pork.

The researchers will next explore the possibility of it developing naturally from animal to humans.

How about exploring the possibility that it came from the CCP laboratory?

This article and so many others continually say Trump’s theory is it developed in a lab, but that is the view of many in the intelligence agencies.

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