Researchers: no bats or pangolins sold in the Wuhan markets

The Daily Mail has another interesting COVID-19 story.

Researchers looked at 50,000 animals traded in Wuhan from 2017 to Nov. 2019, and it won’t come as much of a surprise at this point, but scientists found “no evidence” of bats or pangolins at markets in the city of Wuhan.

Instead, they argued that the scores of wild animals kept in filthy cages and neglected by the merchants provided an abundance of routes for Covid-19 to pass on to humans.

Chris Newman, from the University of Oxford, told Mailonline: ‘Some of these species are known to host a variety of diseases.

“Our data cannot determine how humans became infected with Covid-19, only that direct contact with pangolins or bats in these markets seems highly implausible,” they said.

The authors, whose work was published in Scientific Reports on Wednesday, said the thousands of animals that were traded in Wuhan were “capable of hosting a wide range of infectious zoonotic diseases or disease-bearing parasites.”

‘The creatures were sold for huge sums. Marmot meat, for example, was five times the cost of pork.

The researchers will next explore the possibility of it developing naturally from animal to humans.

How about exploring the possibility that it came from the CCP laboratory?

This article and so many others continually say Trump’s theory is it developed in a lab, but that is the view of many in the intelligence agencies.



  1. Bat meat on a stick and it tastes just like chicken.
    Mystery meat kebab with spicy seasoning? Naw, I’ll pass, comrade.

  2. If the USA had decent investigators or media the public would have been aware a year ago that the virus did not come from the market. The bat was not sold there, and there is no natural pathway in the virus structure, making the official story doubly impossible.

  3. What we are seeing is nothing less than a massive cover up. The reality is that Communist Democrats worked with the CCP to release COVID on the World for the sole purpose of getting President Trump out of Office. There are cover ups on multiple levels. One is the Market Place. The Conspirators are doing everything they can to hide the Fact that the Wuhan Lab was a Biological Warfare Facility funded in part by the US Government. What’s even stranger though is the Government push for ALL Americans to be vaccinated with an Experimental Vaccine. We have no idea of what the long term effects of the vaccine(s) are. Data is showing that Americans reached Herd Immunity last November, possibly last October, when we reach the level of peak infections. This would indicate that COVID was not the Bio Warfare Virus it was originally thought to be. But then the Chinese aren’t known for leading edge technology. I’m convinced, the vaccine push is to cover up the level of Natural Immunity developed by Americans; at least certain groups of Americans. So, this makes me wonder, was Fauci and Friends actually pursuing a virus that only attacked specific races, and now need a high level of vaccinations to cover up the evidence? We need to get the Democrats out of Office so some real investigations can begin before the Democrats can hide the evidence. When “science” can’t prove the impossible, the most likely answer is the common sense answer.

    What is even more interesting than Deep State Democrat Bureaucrats doing all they could to destroy the US Economy to rid themselves of President Trump and Government reform; the Democrats had to very openly steal the 2020 Election to get get rid of President Trump because he was just that popular. This makes me also wonder; for how long have Democrats been stealing elections? I know the Democrat Machine in Louisiana was flat out stealing elections through the Mid 1970’s. In the 1980, Democrats became slicker. I look at Perot in the 1990’s and wonder if this was triangulation trickery cooked up by Hillary to steal the election for Bill by splitting the Republican vote. This scheme was effectively used by Gov. Edwin Edwards in the 1984 Gov. Election with David Duke running as a Conservative Small Government Populist splitting the Republican vote. This is a reason why Electors in the Electoral College should not be required to vote as the “State” dictates, but in the best interest of the Nation. If Electors were free to vote in the Best Interest of the Nation, I seriously doubt that Traitor Joe would be President today. The Founding Fathers for the most part had it right and Democrats have been trying to wreck the Republic and replace it with Mob Rule Democracy since the 1830’s.

  4. Three Chinese researchers found the same thing back in 2020. They published a pre-print article in They interviewed 50 vendors and customers. None could recall ever seeing bats in the market. The Chinese scientists suggested that the virus might have escaped the virus institute. That article was pulled from Researchgate without explanation.
    You can still find it in the Wayback Machine.

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