11-year-old trans girl sues WV, knew she was a girl at age 4


An 11-year-old is suing West Virginia after she was banned from joining a school sports team because of an anti-transgender law.

Becky Pepper-Jackson argued in court on 26 May that she was banned from joining a girls’ cross country team because of H.B. 3293.

Becky told a court on 24 May that the ban was “horrible and makes me feel angry and sad”.

Becky went on to say that “running with the girls means a lot to me because I am a girl, and I should be treated like a girl”.

The one thing she will never be is a girl. She can be a transgender girl but never a girl.

She has taken puberty-blocking medication for a year SINCE SHE WAS TEN. Puberty blockers can permanently harm her. Even more remarkably, she was first aware she was a girl at the age of four, according to court documents.


No, she wasn’t. It’s something a parent or parents did to her. Four is way too young and eleven is way too young.

Meanwhile, the far-left ACLU is suing because the welfare of children is nothing up against the hardcore leftist agenda and the LGBTQ goals.

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