Report: Lafayette Park wasn’t cleared so Trump could have a photo-op holding a bible


Last year the fake news media harshly criticized President Trump after violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters were cleared from Lafayette Park in Washington DC. It was the day after leftists set fires across the city and torched the historic St. John’s Church.

The media claimed then-President Trump had the area cleared so he could have a photo-op holding a bible in front of St. John’s Church.

CNN said falsely that “peaceful protesters near the White House were gassed, shot with rubber bullets so Trump can have a photo-op.

On Thursday the Interior Department Inspector General reported that President Trump did not clear Lafayette Park as the fake news media reported at the time.

They cleared the area to put up new fencing, according to a new watchdog report.

President Trump thanked the Interior Department Inspector General for exonerating him in clearing the park.

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