Resettling the World in Places Like Boise, Idaho


Refugee Resettlement programs are often forgotten. The media doesn’t say much about them, but they are paid for with our tax dollars in the form of grants.

Idaho Resettlement is looking for homes for refugees in a tight housing market. They say they’ve been doing this since 1970.

According to an article at KTVB 7, the service coordinator manager said that cheap housing and jobs used to be plentiful but no more. They call these refugees new Americans but are they, or did they just come over the border, and Biden gave them the OK? And who’s paying for the new homes for them?

Many, if not most, refugees are Muslim. It will change our culture. The US could become a Muslim nation, as Obama once described the US. They usually vote Democrat.

If they’re legitimate, that’s one thing. Who knows with this administration?

Oddly, the agency claims that the Trump administration’s immigration policies and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused the tight housing market. It’s pretty obvious the Biden administration policies caused the tight housing market, but this is what you get with the media these days.

They apparently have a lot of Afghans who want to live in freezing-cold Idaho.

Organizations like the Idaho Office for Refugees and the Agency for New Americans said they have to get creative to house them and get them jobs.

One way they get creative is to form community partnerships. One such partnership is called Neighbors United. Neighbors United has 100 community leaders and groups. They have programs like Community members can go to the website and find rentals there, and they get cash assistance.

The report says that Boise is a great place for refugees. They are settling a lot of Middle Easterners in cities these days, so that’s probably very true.

The UN, which hates the America that traditional Americans love, is resettling many of the new Americans.

Look at the top ten states for resettlement – Numbers 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are Red States, and they are all swing states. Number 4, Michigan, used to be Red until the demographics changed. The people running resettlement offices, in general, are left-wing:




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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 months ago

There goes the neighborhood.