Biden Isn’t Shutting Down Flights as Mystery Illness Hits the US


Joe Biden will probably not shut down flights as a mystery illness hits America. He condemned Donald Trump for doing it, calling him a xenophobe.

The mystery form of pneumonia that began in China is just in time for the 2024 election and mail-in balloting. Ohio County recorded 142 child cases of “white lung syndrome,” which it says “meets the definition of an outbreak.”  China and Europe are already deep into the ‘crisis, reports The Daily Mail.

An “extremely high” number of children are being diagnosed with pneumonia in Ohio — which is now the first US state to report an outbreak like the one in China.

Health officials in Warren County, 30 miles north of Cincinnati, said there have been 142 pediatric cases of the condition — dubbed “white lung syndrome” — since August.

This is also in time to frighten people into agreeing to the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, a totalitarian document if ever there was one.

Maybe that’s why New York Gov. Hochul is pushing for the right to quarantine anyone she wants.

Donald Trump said he won’t allow it, but there isn’t much he can do about it except tell us to not obey. It’s easier said than done if people are going to lose their jobs or get arrested.

The American Tyrant

In New York, we had the largest population loss in a year in history. It didn’t help that then-Gov. Cuomo, who wants to return to state leadership, put all the elderly in nursing homes where it spread rapidly. He had two hospital ships he could have put them in. The ships were never used except for a handful of people.  Then he covered it up.

Cuomo bullied the legislature into giving him emergency powers to quarantine people, close businesses, churches, and schools, and suspend laws. He destroyed businesses and seriously harmed children. Urgent medical care was delayed.

He closed colleges and terrorized private universities also to close. He forced then-Mayor de Blasio to shut down the public schools. He announced he was closing them.

Very few children died from COVID-19, and most had other illnesses.

He started a propaganda campaign against President Trump until he converted the Javits Center and USS Comfort into New York City field hospitals. It cost a fortune for 72 patients in 2500 beds.

He demanded upstate hospitals send all their ventilators to New York City. Vents, as it turned out, were bad for most people.

Let’s not forget that he wanted people from some Red States banned from entry.

He even told residents how many people could come to their home at one time – no more than ten – he said arbitrarily.

People couldn’t be at the bedsides of their loved ones, even if they were dying, and they couldn’t have a normal burial service. One acquaintance of mine put her father on ice until the ban was lifted months later.

This fool wants to return in some authoritarian capacity as mayor or governor, or attorney general. Meanwhile, we have tyrannical Gov. Hochul, who plans to have the same powers over New Yorkers and do the same things.

The mail-in balloting is very questionable in New York. There is no real way to check the ballots adequately, and in many districts, no one does.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

It is a theory of mine that the 70 (or so) relatively happy years we just had ( after world war two) are an anomaly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying happiness is a bad thing,
that is not what I mean by anomaly.

what I am saying is the normal state of humanity is to have tyrants persecuting the masses, to have wars, to have famines, poverty, high rates of crimes etc etc

If you look at the long list of wars of the last 2000 years and how long they lasted , you will see times of peace are so rare and short that they are like an anomaly…The normal state of affairs ( for lack of a better expression) is war.

Same if you were to look at all the rulers of the last 2000 years, most of those 2000 years the masses were being mistreated by unfair rulers.

Cruel, very unfair tyrants are the norm; Nero, Caligula, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler and now Biden ( and most democrat politicians and their allies)

If you look at the history of the world of the 2000 last years, poverty, crime , famine, disease even slavery ( not only of black people but of people of all colors…Romans had white slaves for crying out loud! and they were allowed to kill them if they caught them doing something illegal ! Muslims had white slaves too…it is a myth and in fact a stupid lie that only blacks were ever slaves, but I digress…) and other similar things are the norm,

our history has more bad times and bad things than good times and good things.

Happy times are so short and so rare they are an anomaly.

Happy times of prosperity and peace where the rulers were benevolent are so rare, they are a sort of anomaly.

Happy times of peace and prosperity where a nation is not attacking yours, where a group is not persecuting another group, where a tribe is not attacking your tribe are rare, those happy times are an anomaly in human history.

Anomaly just means not usual, this has nothing to do with good or bad.

If wolves suddenly became vegetarians this would be good for deers and other preys, but it would still be an anomaly.

The normal state of affairs is for wolves to kill deer and eat them…and start eating them sometimes while they are still alive…it is gruel but it is what is normal…vegetarian wolves would be a serious anomaly.

I strongly believe it was an anomaly that we in the West just went trough about 60 or 70 years of happy very prosperous times, almost devoid of any tyranny…but it could not last, as it was not the natural state of affairs,

Leftists ( whom in everyone of them is a sleeping tyrants begging to come out ) are bringing back unfair treatment of those who disagree with them, tyranny is back.

Our happy anomaly is ending.