Resistance turns on Shaun King after he lies about efforts to stop Bernie


Shaun King tried to pull the same stunt on Democrats that he pulls on Republicans. He invented a story on behalf of Bernie Sanders, falsely claiming Rachel Maddow reported about a Democrat movement to stop Bernie.

Democrats love it when he pulls stunts like that against Donald Trump and other Republicans.

King lied, saying Rachel Maddow reported that multiple senior officials within the Democratic Party are interfering with the primaries to stop Bernie Sanders. He further said the party asked Bloomberg to drop out so Biden would have an easier time against Bernie (that’s probably true but Maddow didn’t report it).

He made it up entirely out of whole cloth. The left is calling out the fake black man, ‘Talcum X.’ Talcum X is trending on Twitter.

He is only useful to the Democrats if he lies about Republicans. He has to get on board with Joe Biden. The establishment wants it. They see Bernie as unelectable.

Maddow responded, “What? No. I didn’t report any such thing.”

The Twitterati white leftists are infuriated with King, however, when he pulls these stunts against Republicans, he is enthusiastically greeted with ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ No one bothers to listen to a single rebuttal by Republicans. In this case, it only took one tweet from Maddow.


Shaun King is now ‘Talcum X’ since he pretended he was black and he’s white:

Also trending on Twitter is fake ‘voter suppression’ in Texas and California. The leftists claim the youth and minorities are kept on long lines because of polls closed in their neighborhoods. The lines in colleges are due to the high turnout they couldn’t handle. The rest is bull.

The youth are coming out bigly for communism.

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