Democrats: A Party of Rich Old White Men


The Democrats are a political party of rich old white men.

For all their talk of diversity, inclusion, gender equality, racial justice, and helping the middle class, the Democrat presidential candidates are the antithesis of all these things.

The top vote getters in the 14-state Super Tuesday primaries have a lot in common. They are rich and old and white and men.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 77 years old. His net worth is $9 million.

Senator Bernie Sanders is 78 years old. His net worth is $2 million.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is also 78 years old. His net worth is a whopping $55 billion.

After a lack-luster performance in South Carolina, Tom Steyer (age 62, worth $1.6 billion), Pete Buttegieg (age 38, worth $100,000), and Amy Klobuchar (age 59, worth $2 million), all dropped out the Democrat presidential race.

The only other candidate of note is Elizabeth Warren, who is 70 years old, with a net worth of $12 million. She lives in mansion valued at an estimated $4-5 million. But Warren didn’t even carry her home state of Oklahoma, ending up in fourth place behind the three rich old white men.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Joe Biden owns two homes in Delaware valued at $5 million and Socialist Bernie Sanders owns three homes, two in Vermont and one in Washington, DC, valued at $1.7 million. But Mike Bloomberg takes the cake. He owns 11 homes valued at over $100 million. He also owns 3 planes, 2 helicopters, 6 boats, and 42 cars.

Yet all these candidates decry the evils of the rich who take advantage of the poor. But wait, they are the rich! In fact, they are among the richest 1% of Americans. Talk about white privilege!

The Economic Policy Institute reported that to be in the richest 1% in America, the minimum household annual income in 2015 needed to be $422,000. The top 10% have incomes over $138,000. Those who are in that top 1% paid more in income taxes than the entire bottom 90%. That’s contrary to what the presidential candidates led you to believe in the past few debates!

So what happened to the Democrat candidates of color? Kamala Harris was the first to drop out, way back in December, due mostly to decreasing polling numbers and the lack of campaign funding. Senator Cory Booker dropped out in mid-January, also citing a lack of funds. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang dropped out in mid-February because of low polling numbers. Gov. Deval Patrick also dropped out in mid-February after launching his campaign late in the political season.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, although still in the presidential race, has not garnered more than single digits in any of the caucuses and primaries. On Super Tuesday, she ranked lower than the three candidates who recently dropped out of the race.

Where does that leave Democrat voters? What choices do they have? A former vice president who stretches the truth more than a 90s leisure suit? A self-described Socialist who extols the virtues of Fidel Castro? A billionaire who is trying to buy his way into the White House?

All of the privileged rich old white men in the Democrat presidential campaign are trying to convince voters that they can beat President Donald Trump in November. Each man is saying why he can win, but the others can’t, as they try to secure the most delegates.

Only 18 states so far have had primaries or caucuses. The other 32 states, plus U.S. territories, will hold their primaries between March 10th and June 2nd. There’s still a lot of time to muddy up the delegate waters.

Just wait until the upcoming Democratic National Convention in mid-July. It might end up being a brokered convention. Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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