Super Tuesday results! Senile Biden Beats Crazy Bernie


Bumbling Biden won Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Texas, Massachusetts, and might win Maine which is still too close to call.

Bernie won Vermont, Colorado, Utah, and California.

Hispanics heavily support Sanders’ communism as opposed to the far-left policies of Joe Biden or the Capitalist policies of Donald Trump. Sanders’ favorability is very high with Hispanics. Most Hispanics came from communist countries, fled from them, and generally share American values which makes their support for communism perplexing.

African Americans are coming out massively for senile Joe.

Bloomberg wins 5 delegates from American Samoa, a Girl Scout cookie, and it only cost him $100 million a delegate. Bloomberg did rack up delegates in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, but failed to capture any states. It is the most expensive failure in American political history.

Bloomberg said he will reassess his campaign on Wednesday. He has nothing to assess. No one wants him.

Elizabeth Warren is going nowhere and is splitting the vote that would have gone to Bernie Sanders. Warren was the only other candidate in the race to earn any delegates heading into Tuesday (7). Gabbard had consistently finished in the first four contests with less than 3% of the vote.

At a rally in Detroit, Warren indicated she would stay in the race. “You don’t get what you don’t fight for,” she told supporters. “I am in this fight.”

In a sane, healthy United States, these people would be unelectable. My prediction is, if not in 2020, the socialists and communists who have hijacked the Democrat Party, will win in the near future and destroy the country.

America, your leaders, senile leftist Joe and communist Bernie:



There are 536 delegates still to be assigned.

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