Retiree, 78, Charged with Murder in UK for Killing a Robber in Self-Defense


Richard Gordan Brooks, 78, a pensioner was being robbed by two men in their thirties, one was armed with a screwdriver (they need to confiscate them).  Mr. Brooks got into a scuffle with one who was stabbed with something and collapsed in the street. The other criminal hopped into a van and left his buddy to die.

The wounded criminal later died in the hospital.

The British, being such as they are, arrested the pensioner and charged him with suspicion of murder.

Mr. Brooks, who is now in the hoosegow, suffered minor bruising and injuries.

A former police officer named Mr. Brennan said he didn’t think Mr. Brooks would be convicted.

“The law says that a person can use reasonable force when defending himself, his family or property. If the intruder is running away the threat has diminished but if that person stays where they are that’s an assault and if they are armed with a weapon then it would be regarded as aggravating circumstances,” said Mr. Brennan.

He added:  “I cannot see any jury convicting someone in a case where the householder, for example, takes a knife and in a struggle with the burglar injures him.

Hopefully, he’s right, but why is he even charged and imprisoned?

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