Revoltin’ Bolton makes the case for removing his own security clearance


Given the amount of leaking, betrayal, and monetization of our security by people who leave government with security clearances, Senator Rand Paul appears to have a great recommendation for the President. He believes that “No one, especially not John Bolton, should be able to use their security clearance for profit! I say revoke his clearance now.”

Bolton himself made the case for removing his security clearance.


When the President removed the security clearance of John Brennan, Bolton was very vocal.

Bolton accused Brennan of “politicizing intelligence,” both during the Obama administration and afterward, which he deemed a “very dangerous thing to do,” real clear investigations reported.

“If there is any kind of misconduct, I think there are lots of grounds to have your security clearance revoked for behavior that calls into question your ability to hold the material in confidence,” Bolton told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz. “…For me, the issue is whether he abused information that he attained while he was director of the CIA or he may have attained erroneously or incorrectly after he left.”

In essence, Bolton called for his own security clearance to be removed, so let’s do it.

In Bolton’s case, he even started writing his infamous memoir while he was serving as the President’s national security adviser. When people serve, they serve their bosses loyally, and the don’t betray them.

The former adviser to the President claims to care about national security but seems perfectly willing to put a socialist into office. All Democrats have to offer as candidates are socialists and candidates, except for the fascist Michael Bloomberg.

People who retire should have a sunset clause on their security clearance. An enormous number of people still hold their security clearances.

Several media outlets have reported that the irascible veteran national security official circulated a draft manuscript of the book containing the quid pro quo arguments to close associates before delivering it to the White House Records Management Directorate for pre-publication review, as required.

That is a felony but Bolton denies it.


Jeff Sessions says it’s a very dangerous precedent to not safeguard conversations with the President. He also sees it as dishonorable and says the employee is there to serve the President’s agenda, not his/her own.

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