Multiple people stabbed in London terror attack


Several people were stabbed in Streatham, South London by a terrorist who was shot dead by police. Witnesses describe a man with a “machete” and “silver canisters” on his chest being chased by armed officers before being shot, Sky News reported.

A man and a woman were definitely wounded. That’s all we know about the terrorists’ victims.

Sky’s home affairs correspondent Mark White said photos show him wearing something resembling a suicide vest – it’s not clear if it was real.

Video shows plain-clothed armed officers approaching the body on Streatham High Road before quickly pulling back.

Police confirmed the attacker died in the incident, at around 2 pm.

That’s what happens when foreigners pour in without proper screening.

A shop owner, who also wanted to stay anonymous, said the man had taken a knife from one of the high street’s shops before stabbing a man and a woman.

England was a very safe country, but some areas, including London, are no longer very safe. There are a lot of knife attacks in London. Mayor Sadiq Khan banned knives and had police going around collecting them, but this man had a machete. Not shocking, is it?

It is no different from trying to take everyone’s guns. This isn’t about the weapon, it’s about the people. The core issues need to be examined and dealt with. The collection of guns and knives from lawful gun owners is meaningless noise.

It was a gun that stopped the knifer.

The people in England aren’t suffering from Brexit, they’re suffering from the dangers on their streets.


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3 years ago

The Islamic terrorist shouted “Allah-O-Akbar!” European leaders … are you listening to the consequences?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Allowing barbarians to run amok causing chaos, Islam is not a religion of peace.

3 years ago

England left itself defenseless by confiscating lawful citizens weapons, and allowing Islamic terrorist trash into their country. You wanted socialist\communism. You’ve got it. America declared her Freedom from England when England obscenely taxed the colonials and wanted our weapons.Now it’s Britain who isn’t free. Those American colonists fought a Revolution and won. Is England willing to do the same and remove their yoke of oppression? I hope so for the people have a right to Freedom and safety. The vast majority of British citizens are good people and deserve better, But only if they believe it’s worth fighting for.They should, they fought two world wars for it. May God help them.