Revolting Perv Professor: Child-Adult Sex Is Like Kickball, Slavery Is OK Too


A sexually deviant professor, who calls himself a liberal, tried to make the case for child-adult sex. In these horrifying clips, he jokes about it with another fool. The university where he is employed is investigating and claims his beliefs do not reflect their values.  However, he wrote a book about it in 2015. Were the administrators comatose at the time. Did they just awaken from a long sleep.

Professor Kershnar suggests that we don’t know if sex with a minor is good or bad, so therefore it shouldn’t be banned or condemned. He said an adult wanting to have sex with a child isn’t clearly wrong. It’s just like kickball.

He needs to be fired yesterday.

He also makes the case for slavery and discriminating against women in the workplace. Kershnar’s insane.

At least he didn’t say masks don’t work or vaccines are useless.

Check these out. They keep getting worse.

He doesn’t think we should be grateful to veterans either.

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