Freedom Convoy Truckers Give a Presser in Truckistan


The Freedom Convoy in Ottawa gave a press conference today to answer questions and assure the public they have security and people are safe. They also addressed the $10 million in donations frozen by GoFundMe.

The organizer said they will stay only as long as it takes for Prime Minister Trudeau to do the right thing.

They addressed the rumors about allegedly misbehaving truckers and the heavy police presence. As for the rumors, agitators are coming in trying to start trouble with the truckers to make them look bad.

As for the police, that is common in these types of large-scale events.

The truck protest is brilliant. The Left can’t let this succeed as it catches on in the US and in Europe and Australian. They will pull out all the stops to make them look bad.

I just marvel at the fact that not one building is burning.


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