Revolutionaries vow to lay siege at the White House for 50 days


Another lunatic group calling themselves adbusters promises to lay siege to the White House for fifty days, beginning September 17.

On Twitter, the group describes themselves this way: We are a global network of activists writers artists designers hackers tricksters poets philosophers and punks.

Oh, neato.

I imagine AG Barr and the Secret Service will have something to say about the siege.

They have 63,000 followers, enough to start trouble. On Facebook, this meme had 2.9K shares and nearly 900 on Twitter.

As you might have guessed, they’re anti-capitalists:



  1. …and of course we can expect the sleazebags in control of Twitter to allow anything these hate-filled thugs want to post.

  2. Activists, writers, artists, designers, hackers, tricksters, poets, philosophers, and punks. That translates to unemployed people. That’s why they can march around the White House for 50 days.

    The co-founder, Kalle Lasn, is an Estonian-Canadian who spent time in a German refugee camp during WWII. He should know better since he suffered in the world he is now trying to create.

  3. Thanks for the advance warning. This group needs to be prepared to meet the rumoured fema camp administrators, guards and various other functionaries of the system. Get used to prison food and other fun traditions of serving time. They ain’t gonna like it.
    Oh yeah, and get your personal affairs in order, if any.
    Just sayin’.

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