RFK Jr. and Jimmy Dore Discuss Bill Gates’ “Criminal Act”


Robert Kennedy Jr. and Jimmy_Dore talked about how Bill Gates profited from spreading lies about the effectiveness of the COVID mRNA vaccines. Gates later confessed that the vaccines were not effective, but that was after he sold his stocks. You can watch the clip at the end.

He finally admitted the numbers infected were much less than they said and that it was mostly the elderly who were impacted.

“Every one of those three things he said would get you deplatformed.”

Joe Rogan spoke with Jimmy Dore, both liberals, and then shared a clip with another liberal, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The reason I mention they are liberals is because people need to realize this issue is NOT political. Although the regime wants you to think it is.

Movie cinema billboard with three rules to replace handshakes with elbow bumps, footshakes or just waving to friend during coronavirus epidemic

Joe Rogan says, “As we thought, it was about it was mostly targeting old and obese people like this is ******* wild because this is the same guy  [Bill Gates] that through the entire pandemic was talking about how great these vaccines are. These vaccines are so effective, and they stop the virus and they stop transmission. They stop infection. And all that was a lie, and he profited off those lies. You know everyone wants to pretend that he’s just like this amazing philanthropist.”

“Like, no, he made a lot of money. This is motivated by money, and his entire career, he’s been motivated by money. He’s been a guy who is really good at monopoly, and that was why they went after Microsoft so many times for monopolistic practices. I mean it’s he’s a businessman, and in that time, his business was the business of telling people things that he’s not educated right, he’s not a scientist, he’s not a virologist, he’s not a medical doctor.

Jimmy Dore added, “He’s not even a college graduate.”

Rogan agreed and continued, “He was this public health advocate on television telling everybody to go out and get this medical intervention that he would profit from, which is ******* wild. It’s really wild that it’s that transparent, that it’s not like multiple steps and shell corporations. It’s really not difficult to find out where the money’s going – it’s like, what the **** is going on?  This is crazy how transparent it is. You’re not even hiding it. It’s right there.


Dore said, “and just to back up what Joe said, here is Bill Gates; about a year ago, he started to admit about the virus what we all knew. He played a clip of Gates saying they didn’t understand that the virus had ‘a fairly low fatality rate and that it’s a disease mainly of the elderly.’

Then Dore said he [Gates] admitted it wasn’t as scary as everybody made it out to be, so “he could mandate vaccines that he’s invested in. .. as it turns out, it was like the flu. It is just really elderly people, and people who are obese and comorbidities need to worry about it. So probably we shouldn’t be injecting kids with that and healthy young people and giving them all kinds of things. So here he is now after he cashed in his stock: this is what he says now. Dore then played a clip of Gates saying the vaccines are ‘not infection blocking, they’re not broad, so new variants come up, you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter which are old people .’

Gates got his $500 million.

Bill Gates wants to control pandemics and set up a global alert system.

The clip then skips to an interview between Dore and RFK. The main point here is the failure of the monkey trials and the fact that vaccinated people have become factories for new variants.

RFK Jr: “Well, every one of those three things he said will get you deplatformed…”

“We were saying that from day one. We knew it wasn’t gonna. I said in May of 2020. I said these vaccines are DOA because, in the monkey trials, the monkeys that were vaccinated had the same amount of COVID in their nasal pharynx once they were exposed to coronavirus as the vaccinated monkeys, unvaccinated monkeys had the same amount. So there’s no benefit for transmission, and yet Gates was saying at that time… and Fauci, if you get it, you can’t pass it to your grandmother. You can’t pass it to anybody else, and they knew that was a lie.”

RFK then gave him an extraordinarily gracious benefit of the doubt by saying he doesn’t know it’s a lie.

“Listen, I don’t know if he knew it was a lie. He may only be getting information from one person who’s talking to him. But, if he was actually looking at any of the data from the companies that he had invested hundreds of millions of dollars in, like Astra Zeneca, he would be saying ‘oh gosh the monkeys that we pay for in this study,  you know, which is the critical animal study that’s going to show us whether or not it works or doesn’t, it didn’t work you know.

He rethought that and admitted Gates is a liar.

“So, he had to know that he had to know….”


“I’m sure he was waiting every day,” RFK said, “getting up and saying, has a monkey study come in yet? Has a monkey study come in yet?  Well, when it came in, everybody knew what it meant. It meant that this vaccine would never prevent transmission, which means it is a criminal act … a leaky vaccine that does not provide sterilizing immunity during a pandemic. Because what you’re doing is, everybody who gets that vaccine now becomes a factory for mutant variants that are escaped variants…”

If you give somebody subtherapeutic antibiotics, that person is now a factory for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. If you give somebody a leaky vaccine during the pandemic, he’s gonna get infected … the micro of the pathogen is not going to be eliminated. iI’s going to… animate, and it is going to selectively breed escape variants that can escape that vaccine. And you’re gonna have a continual endemic that will never end because everybody is just mutating constantly. You know where we all become mutant factories if you took it….”

Dore discussed the issue further and ended with the unvaccinated becoming fall guys when it was the vaccinated who became variant factories. They wanted “everybody else to put pressure on you [the unvaccinated].”


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

How unexpected! A billionaire pirate who ripped off so many small tech firms to build his colossus is profiteering from lying about the vaccine?
But isn’t he to good guy who gives away millions (admittedly to further his political agenda and steals more billions)?

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
11 months ago

My own research began the first day I heard the word, “COVID.” Every day as I got deeper into the Covid weeds, I knew EVERYTHING being told to us, to the president, to EVERYBODY from Fauci, Birx, Hahn, Redfield were DAMNED LIES.

By Spring, 2020, anecdotal evidence PROVED the 2005 NIH study CORRECT, HCQ IS “POETENT,” against Corona viruses. That evidence came from 8 Sub Sahara countries. With a combined population of 557 MILLION people, there were just 408 cases of Covid, JUST 14 DEATHS.

The one common denominator of those 8 nations, they are ALL MALARIA countries with the majority of their people on HCQ protocols. Fauci and his merry band of Deep State TRITORS ALL KNEW Covid COULD be stopped dead in it’s tracks by simply ALLOWING our people to take one of the SAFEST drugs on the market, HCQ.


Here is the HARD TRUTH. They NEEDED the Covid pandemic for several ALL NEFARIOUS reasons:

A) To effectively STEAL the 2020 election. Despite the DNC’s dozen or more effectively honed methods of election fraud, they needed MORE to “neutralize,” the incredible popularity of Donald Trump.
B) There were $BILLIONS to be made off of the death and destruction of our economy, of businesses and, more importantly, of our people
C) NWO SOCIOPATHIC MEGALOMANIACS are Hell Bent on a major reduction of world population.

From the retro bait master minds of this unprecedented, World Wide Hoax to Doctors, “Health Care professionals” who HAD TO KNOW BETTER, to the many chain pharmacies who REFUSED prescriptions for HCQ, to Fauci, Birx, Hahn, Redfield, to government officials both elected and appointed, to the MSM and EVERY time they SWORE TO EVERY LIE about Covid …

…If, and that is a big, “IF,,” we EVER get to hold them to account ala Nuremberg style JUSTICE, my ONLY wonder is this:


Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

You are not alone. Others of us started digging and reading everything we could find and it all painted an ugly picture including a lot of political corruption. E.g. why was the non mRNA vaccine of Novavax not approved for so long?

10 months ago

More than anything, it breaks my heart to think about how many people died needlessly.

11 months ago

Bill Gates is an Apex Predator who should have been thrown in jail over 25 years ago for his business practices!