Ric Grenell Describes Former President Trump’s Reaction to the Invasion


Former Ambassador Ric Grenell told Rob Schmitt on Newsmax last night that former Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany are at fault for this, emboldening Russia with Nord Stream 2 Pipeline plans. He didn’t spare Joe Biden or his lackluster State Department either.

Grenell was the Ambassador to Germany under President Donald Trump.

Grenell took exception to Biden’s lack of public address Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

“Come out Joe Biden and say something,” Grenell said. “You’re are the leader of our country. You’re the leader of the free world. You’re going to wait until the morning when Kyiv is under attack?

“This is this is an atrocious message to the world that we are this weak.”

Grenell said Trump was aghast

“President Trump was aghast at what is happening, and he made perfectly clear – and he’s right – this would not have happened under Donald Trump,” Grenell continued. “Putin knows knew exactly what he was dealing with with President Trump, and I don’t care what these Washington, D.C., media people are going to try to spin. They’re going to try to pretend this is Donald Trump’s fault.”

“We should all be saying a prayer for the people of Ukraine,” Grenell told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “This is a needless war; it should not be happening.”


The weakness of Biden was the opportunity Putin exploited.

“Now that we’re in this position: The fact is the Russians are always going to be on the offense when Joe Biden is in office, so no matter what we do, the Russians are going to smell weakness,” Grenell said. “The Russians have nukes. This is a very serious situation, and I have to say, as a diplomat, the reason why you want tough diplomats is for precisely what we’re watching on our television: to avoid war.”

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her boss Blinken should be run out of office, Grenell stated.

“We have to blame Wendy Sherman, who is the deputy secretary of state, and Antony Blinken, the secretary of state; they have utterly failed yet again,” Grenell said. “They should be run out of office, because when diplomats fail, war comes.”


Germany, President Joe Biden, and his State Department all share in the blame, Grenell told Schmitt.

“I blame the Germans for showing how weak they were going to be on the world stage, certainly encouraging NATO members to not help Ukraine, certainly telling the Ukrainian government to take NATO membership off the options list, to give in to the Russians,” Grenell continued.

“The weakness that the Germans have created his really caused this rewriting of borders in Europe.”

Biden’s weak diplomacy through the State Department and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have proved to be a “failure,” Grenell added.

“I also have to put the diplomatic failure here squarely on the Biden team, and this is a diplomatic failure,” Grenell said. “Very few places will ever hold bureaucrats to account, but the reality is when you look at war, it means that the State Department has failed. And this is what we’re looking at.

“Antony Blinken has not delivered the tough diplomacy that should have come forward. Joe Biden has not delivered tough diplomacy in the face of Russian aggression.”

Merkel gave the power over their energy to Russia.

“Chancellor Merkel is responsible for creating the system here – where the Russians had influence in Europe and felt empowered,” Grenell said.

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