This Is How We Might Avert War with Nuclear Russia


President Biden is always wrong and always oblivious. There are things he could do to possibly put a stop to this potential war with nuclear Russia and her allies.

We could follow through on the Minsk Agreements and ban Ukraine from joining NATO. In exchange, Russia would have to agree to withdraw its troops. Why can’t we think out of the box? We cannot afford a war, especially not with Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Milley, MacKenzie, and the rest of them at the helm. We also have $30 trillion in debt and at some point — we don’t know when — our economy will crash.

Russia has China and an almost nuclear Iran on their side. Any military retaliation will end up including those nations.

Frankly, would you want Russia to bomb us from Cuba? Well, they say they don’t want NATO to bomb them from Ukraine. It may not be true, but we can’t trust anyone in this.

Biden will also not commit to unlocking the US power to provide energy to our citizens and to Europe. He is so far doubling down on diversification. He should be shouting, drill, baby, drill.

Putin threatened “consequences” “never before seen in history” if there are any attempts to strike back. Is he talking about nuclear war or cutting off oil to Europe?

We can still avoid war by unlocking our energy power which is massive, and by pushing for the Minsk agreements, but Biden won’t do it.

We must also become independent of China and Russia, but always wrong Joe won’t do it.

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