Ric Grennell tears into former admin for sabotaging the Trump admin


Barack Obama was the first president to sabotage an incoming administration. The Obama staff spied, unmasked, leaked, and lied to damage the incoming Trump administration. It’s hard to understand why this isn’t illegal. It was a soft coup.

Ric Grennell served as a transitional Director of National Intelligence, a position now held by DNI John Ratcliffe, and he did more in his short term than any of those before him. Dan Coates was not loyal nor was anyone before him.

Anyone who raised concerns was ignored, and the public was not told the truth, Mr. Grennell said.

“I think the Transition period is key,” according to Mr. Grennell. “And once Donald Trump won the election in 2016 all the way through to inauguration…”

“That’s when we’re supposed to have the Obama administration or the current administration begin to hand off and have a transition time. That’s why we have an election in November and an inauguration in January. It’s for a peaceful transition of power. That was blown by the Obama administration. And I just don’t think that unmasking during the transition period is appropriate. Especially at the levels they did it.”


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