RINO Corker Attacks Trump After Years of Pushing Iran Deal, Amnesty, TPP, Higher Taxes


Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker has been waging a public fight with President Trump hurting the party and the domestic agenda. Trump angered Corker by tweeting he begged him for an endorsement. Corker says is untrue. Trump also said Corker wanted to be secretary of state but his response to that was “no thanks”.

It’s hard to believe Trump would give Corker an endorsement, even with Corker on bended knee.

It looks more like a case of the establishment showing themselves for what they are.

This summer, Corker blasted President Trump to reporters saying if Trump doesn’t make “radical changes” the “nation will go through great peril”. The RINO went on to launch ad hominem attacks on the President. Why would Trump want him?

Recent polling shows that Corker is in a statistical tie or loses to competitor Marsha Blackburn for his own senate seat. That is not a good place to be as an incumbent so he decided to not run again.

Since the first Twitter outburst, globalist Corker has said the White House operates like an “adult day care center” and in a viciousl interview with the New York Times.

Trump tweeted that Corker gave us the Iran deal and nothing else. Actually, Corker gave us several bad measures and nothing else.

Globalist Corker pushed Obama tax hikes (he feels tax rates needed to be higher in the U.S.), amnesty for illegals, and supported the TPP trade deal with Asia. Senator Corker also pushed the horrendous US-Iran nuclear deal, without senate approval.

In April 2015, Politico praised the Tennessee Senator for working out a deal with liberals/leftists Ben Cardin, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi which allowed Barack Obama to pass his Iran nuclear deal without calling it a treaty.

It was clearly unconstitutional since there was little question the “accord” was a treaty and required a two-thirds approval by the Senate, which the administration could have never gotten.

The final Cardin-Corker legislation gave Congress a month to review a final multilateral deal with Iran and it allowed lawmakers to block Obama from lifting (only) legislative sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy.

The power over sanctions by other nations, fought for and won over the course of decades, would be gone. Only the U.S. LEGISLATIVE sanctions remained.

Former president Obama pretended he opposed Congress having any role, though the Senate should have had the power to reject it.

Corker arranged for the bill that essentially obliterated the Senate’s treaty rights. It was used as precedent for the Paris Climate Treaty which was called an “accord”.

The climate “accord” was a toothless agreement built on an old treaty and called an update to avoid Senate approval once again.

Only the U.S. would have actually followed the “accord”, damaging our economy and transferring our wealth and resources to foreign nations.

A treaty by any other name is still a treaty. Corker’s bill set the stage for giving unprecedented power to the Executive, taking it from the Senate, and avoiding the law of the land.

Let’s not forget the 1200-page [Schumer] Hoeven/Corker amendment to the senate immigration/amnesty bill of 2013 that became the final measure. It gave citizenship to illegals who overstay their visas to allegedly “fix” the problem. That would include people like the Boston bomber and his family.

Under the bill, legalization – amnesty – would still take place before security enhancements. The 11 million illegal people and their countless millions of family members, who will also be legalized, are currently anonymous.

The security measures could be meaningless. The new bill gave Janet Napolitano the power to stop the fence, grant amnesty, and decide if the border is secure.

According to Obama’s own Congressional Budget Office, the bill encouraged continued illegal immigration at 75% of the current rate. It would increase unemployment and lower wages, the CBO reported.

It incentivized employers for hiring newly-legalized illegals by not fining companies who didn’t pay for their Obamacare.  Companies would however be fined for hiring citizens and legal residents and not providing Obamacare.

There was money in the bill for unions and community organizers to sign up new immigrants for the Democratic party under the guise of guiding them through the legalization process.

Bernie Sanders got his $1.5 billion jobs for youth stimulus in Title V of the amendment/bill. It will supply summer jobs for two years. To anyone paying attention, it made clear that Sanders believes the immigration bill will cost  jobs, according to the Washington Examiner.  he voted for it anyway.

That was what Bob Corker saw as a good Republican bill.


  1. Pardon my redundancy but must keep reiterating, there are several and PRICELESS unexpected perks from this Trump presidency.
    First, and thanks to Trump’s redundancy, even the most detached voter in America now recognizes just how horribly corrupted our MSM, the main sources left wing propaganda and yes, of Fake News,over the past several generations.
    Candidate and President Trump has driven out of the shadows, each and every Great Betrayer/Traitorous back stabbing GOP bastard among them. Just as with Radical Islam, there can be NO HOPE of becoming victorious against an enemy not clearly named. From the pompous, political pundits such as Bill Kristol to the many members of congress INCLUDING the so called party heads such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, these treacherous bags of garbage have been working in opposition to America’s best interests. And now we know EXACTLY who they are and what must be done.
    Just as we can not send our military people into war without weapons, it is our duty to see that this president whose primary goal truly is to Make America Great Again, has all the necessary weaponry at his disposal to get the job done. We MUST send solid Conservatives to fill every seat possible to congress.

  2. I learned a lot about Corker’s record here. He has done a lot in such a short period in the senate to sellout the voters and nation. He rivals any other RINO senator in productivity.

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