Rioters Won’t Disperse, Police Chant, “Whose Streets, Our Streets”


St. Louis police officers have been assaulted, watched the U.S. flag burned and have had to waste their time under threat of being harmed while monitoring idiots acting like children for three nights in a row. Maybe they’ve had it.

Leftist Black Lives Matter standing for a photo-op

The mobs of leftists and gang members are rioting and protesting because they didn’t like the decision of the court to acquit St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley in the murder of a black heroin dealer Anthony Lamar in 2011.

The protesters/rioters attribute the acquittal to ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacy’ and an unfair justice system.

The police arrested about 80 lawbreaking rioters and then told the crowds to disperse. A large group of thugs stayed after the riots and after they were ordered to disperse. The police then turned their words on them as they refused to leave, chanting, “Whose streets, our streets.”

A police commander at the scene claimed he hadn’t heard the chant, but called it “not anacceptable.” Maybe, but it also isn’t acceptable for these rioters/protesters to disobey orders from law enforcement or to assault people and destroy property three night running.

Police are tired of being assaulted and even killed.


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