Rittenhouse WOKE Trial: Kyle Sobs, Fake Video Game Scenario, Judge Slams Prosecutor


Kyle Rittenhouse sobbed uncontrollably on the stand as he describes being ‘ambushed’ by BLM protester, Joseph Rosenbaum, who swung at him with a heavy chain and threatened to cut out his “f***ing heart.” That was right before he shot him dead.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand Wednesday to testify in his own defense on Day 7 of his murder trial.

He broke down on the witness stand as he recalled the moment he was “ambushed” by Rosenbaum the night he shot him. His mother watched crying from the public gallery.


Rittenhouse told the court that Rosembaum threatened to kill him twice once while swinging a heavy chain and the second time when he said he would “cut out your f***ing heart’”and “kill you Nigger.” [Racist?]

Rittenhouse shot three people, two fatally in what looks like a strong, extremely strong, self-defense case.

On Tuesday, jurors were shown gruesome images of the wounded bodies of the two men he shot dead the night of August 25, 2020.

Images of Anthony Huber were the first to be shown on the sixth day of the trial  Huber was killed by a single shot to the chest, the court heard today from forensic pathologist Dr. Doug Kelley.

Rittenhouse told the court he went to administer medical aid and didn’t want to hurt anyone or start trouble. He was armed with a rifle when he was cut off from his group and alone.

Rittenhouse’s lead attorney Mark Richards asked him to recount the events of the night. Rittenhouse said that he had been attempting to put out vehicle fires in one of three Car Source properties that he and his fellows were there to protect.

Armed with a fire extinguisher, his medical bag and his rifle, he said, “I started running towards the Car Source number three to put out fires, pausing occasionally to catch my breath and walk.

“As I’m walking I hear somebody scream, ‘Burn in Hell!’ and I replied with, “Friendly! Friendly! Friendly!” Like I just want to put out the fires.

”…noticed a flame in the back seat of a [vehicle] and I stepped towards [it] and as I’m stepping forward I believe his name is Joshua Ziminski steps towards me with a pistol in his hand.

”…drop the fire extinguisher and step back. My plan is to get out of that situation and go back North to Sheridan Road.”

His emotion clearly rising Rittenhouse continued, “Once I take that step I look back over my shoulder and Mr. Rosenbaum was now running from my right side and there were people right there…”

Rittenhouse’s testimony then became unintelligible as he began sobbing in gulping breaths. The judge called a halt to proceedings and ushered the jury out.

ADA Binger did get Kyle to admit he lied [to the crazies and who knows who else] about being an EMT.

I’m not a lawyer, but my fear is the prosecution will try to get Kyle on the weapons charge (even though he was not guilty of possession of an illegal gun) and on WOKE ideology. They have NO legal case. How long would Kyle last in prison? Not long is my guess.

Watch the Breakdown:

In this clip, the judge scolds the prosecution:

The prosecution made up a video game scenario that has no basis in fact:

Watch Live.

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