Germany & France Recommend Against Moderna Vaccine


As we noted yesterday in an article about inexplicable deaths in Germany, France had canceled Moderna, and Germany is now as well. Moderna is mRNA like Pfizer, and very similar to Pfizer.

Germany is recommending against the Moderna C19 vaccine for people under-30. France and half a dozen countries already did so. The vaccine fanatics in the US and UK have not.

Why does this vaccine create a heart issue in those who are under age 30 but not for those above 60? Does the vaccine know how to not harm people over age 30?

For some people, these are little heart attack pills. Germany has been recommending no exercise after getting the vaccine for at least two weeks.


A nationwide study led to the cancelation of Moderna. The study confirmed a slight risk of cardiac inflammation associated with mRNA vaccines.

The study from Epi-Phare, an independent medicines safety research group that works closely with the French government, confirmed previous findings, while noting cases are rare and do not cast doubt on the effectiveness of the shots.

The study looked at people 12-50 who were hospitalized for myocarditis and pericarditis. It began in May and ended in August. Did it look at the dead and buried? Apparently not. How many already died, inquiring minds need to know.

It is important to see the studies continue since we don’t have long-range information. We are all guinea pigs in this vaccine experiment.

Results showed that vaccines from both Pfizer and Moderna increase the risk of these illnesses within seven days of vaccination. Pfizer, however, has an 80% lower risk, and the risk is mostly to men under 30.

The study found possibly responsible for some 132 cases of myocarditis per million doses given. For Pfizer, it was about 27 people.

In women under 30, Moderna may have led to 37 cases of myocarditis per million doses.

Risk of pericarditis is also greater after a second dose of Moderna in people under 30, with 18 cases per million doses given in young men.

No deaths among patients hospitalized with these illnesses following vaccination have been reported.

The one thing that bothers me the most is the fact that since day 1, many nations and officials, especially Dr. Fauci, have pushed wealthy, money-doling Pfizer over Moderna and J&J, and all others.

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2 years ago

Studies are still coming out showing more side effects. It’s as if they’re mandating death for some people.

2 years ago

So Moderna and Pfizer are causing heart attacks and J&J causes blood clots. While the rest of the world is not recommending and even considering banning “shots”, the US Government is mandating them. Actually it’s just one man, Traitor Joe who is mandating them. The Congress is worried that there wouldn’t be a place for them to hide if they passed a law requiring the “Shot”. Forcing people to take potential “poisons” is clearly not Constitutional. Government should never be powerful enough to even consider this type of stupidity. ALL Mandates at all levels must go. Only elected Legislative Bodies should be allowed to pass laws and that should be after clear deliberation and clear public approval.

Traitor Joe is the Tyrant that Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers accused President Trump of being. President Trump clearly said that the President didn’t have the authority to mandate that Citizens be forced to get a shot, especially of an experimental drug without a clear track record. Well, we are now seeing a track record and it’s very bad.

Euro Trash Boy
Euro Trash Boy
2 years ago

They will get pimp slapped back in line by their owners in the swamp.
The globalists want the biomedical police state and Soros gets what he wants.
Sorry about democracy facades and other horsesh1t delusions of participating in government but we are resetting now.