Athletes Are Dying Suddenly & Mysteriously Worldwide


As we reported yesterday, Germany has had a lot of inexplicable deaths and heart injuries among young athletes and coaches.  They didn’t link it to the vaccine, but it’s a mystery why they didn’t at least consider it. France and Germany are canceling Moderna. Germany just made the announcement.

Individual reports of the deaths and permanent disabilities of young football, cricket, rugby, and hockey players,  dancers, and more are popping up around the world. It isn’t a great many but we’re only into the vaccine by little more than a year and they are giving boosters.

And governments want to mandate children get vaccinated, even though they are not at grave risk.

Dr. Michael Yeadon has had enough and believes there is a connection. He’s called out this spate of deaths and injuries as the effects of the COVID jabs.

The former VP of Pfizer, Dr. Yeadon, recently called out the COVID jabs for their danger early on and warned of their deadly potential.

This scientific expert concluded, “I surmise that all these sports people are being injured & killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. Young people are NOT at risk from this virus & also are poor at passing it on. There is therefore NO REASON why these people have been vaccinated, and it’s pressure from their clubs & leagues that’s made them comply.”


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