Rochester mayor indicted on two felonies


On Friday, October 2, 2020, a Monroe County Grand Jury indictment was unsealed, charging Mayor Lovely A. Warren, Albert Jones Jr. (campaign treasurer), and Rosiland Brooks Harris (PAC treasurer) with Scheme to Defraud in the 1st Degree and Violation of Election Law 14-126(6), both are Class E Felonies.

Rochester has been under siege by leftist lunatics and she’s possibly been busy scheming.

An intense investigation report outlined violations of the penal law and election law by Lovely A. Warren, Albert Jones Jr., and Rosiland Brooks Harris in connection with campaign finance activities. These findings were forwarded to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office for further investigation and prosecution if appropriate. From there, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office continued its investigation.

Resultant of the recommendations, all three defendants are scheduled to be arraigned on Monday, October 5, 2020, at 4:00 PM in front of Cayuga County Judge Thomas G. Leone in Monroe County.

Warren was indicted by a grand jury. If convicted, she would be removed from office. The maximum sentence would be 16 months to four years in prison, but Warren would be unlikely to be incarcerated. Her pension could be forfeited, however, if the matter is determined to be a crime related to public office, and she also could lose her law license.

The defense will say they made ordinary mistakes.

She is innocent until proven guilty.


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Fading Banana Republic
Fading Banana Republic
3 years ago

What a lovely name she has. Some are a little more equal than others and the law doesn’t apply to everyone equally.
She has plenty of money so there won’t be any gray bar motel action for esteemed party member comrade Lovely.

debra kay
debra kay
3 years ago

Weellll, now. Isn’t this just Lovely?????? ANOTHER pol up to no good. Imagine that. JFK, RFK, HST, FDR, etc., etc. of yesteryear must be so disappointed. Kinda interesting,that TO ME it seems that the Dems and Reps have traded over the years in style of playing the game……hhhmmmmmmm